da blues

Hi. I'm here, I'm just not bloggy. I'm so thrilled that Thanksgiving was a success, and I kept my promise to my husband that I wouldn't be a stressed out shrew. And I wasn't! I was organized and prepared and competent. Rock on! However, life continues in a not so joyous manner.

I'm dealing with a myriad of relationship issues. Sister in law who is feeling overwhelmed and vengeful, coworker with whom I literally share a workspace, who drinks on the job, and one issue between my husband and I that is taking a while to untangle. Many times I want to lay down and eat a burger and fries. Here's what I know.

- Food will not make me feel better (okay, sometimes, in the beginning of a big bite, it does, but ultimately, it doesn't) Can I admit that?

- Eating doesn't take away stressful feelings.

- Exercise will help release stress and ease my suffering.

Here's what I want, despite what I know:

- To spend days at a stress free workplace with sober coworkers,

- To spend my evenings laughing at happy hour

- To come home to a clean house and not exercise, and still lose weight or maintain my loss!

- To have thoughtful and meaningful conversations with sister in law

- To be celebrated

Oof. I know this will all pass, and it will work itself out. unfortunately there are no time outs in life. Even when you are feeling overwhelmed, life continues. You still have to exercise, eat healthfully, and go to work. I'm going to cruise my blogosphere and get some cheer and inspiration. Things to look forward to - going to a play Saturday night, making a rich beef stew on Sunday for our cool weather, and walking the dog.

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LMS said...

Sweet potato:
I can't make it all better, but I can absolutely celebrate the amazing wonderfulness that is you. You have always inspired and impressed me in a myriad of ways - from your ability to hang on to your coffee even in the weirdest of circumstances to your bighearted willingness to get out there and grab the opportunities that life presents without hesitation. You've encouraged me over the years in ways you're not even aware of just by being the loving and vibrant person you are. I love you!