Attack of the sugar bugs is plaguing me. Someone left approximately 47,000 little packets of
Now and Later candy in the office. I have eaten all but 4, I think. I avoided Halloween Candy immediately before and after the 31st like a pro, but now, for some reason I am powerless. And now and laters aren’t even that good! They stick to your teeth –so I’ve learned to suck on them. I know most women find chocolate as their kryptonite, for me it is high fructose corn syrup fruity goodness. Skittles? Bring it on, baby. Starburst? More, please! Sour Patch Kids, come to mama! Sigh. I love good chocolate too, of course. But I am a sucker for the fruity garbage. And in my real life, I avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners like the plague. I read labels like crazy, so why do I allow it in the form of a cherry flavored chew?

If anyone is reading who has tips for nailing a sugar craving, let me know. I’m going to have to do some research too.


Lady Vea said...

Woot a fellow Sea-towner!! :-)
Anyway as for the problem - I have the EXACT same problem. And it is usually around work, I never buy that crap, and my (home) diet has been amazingly healthy for a long long time, but when I see those sort of things, like Skittles esp, or anything sour - I just eat it. And not like one or two, no... I will eat them until they are no more.
There are only a couple things I have found that help me (and mind you these are not cures, but often they alleviate my temptation) - if I see or hear that someone has left candy at my work in the break room, I avoid it completely. Don't even go in there! If they leave it in my office area, I try and move it TO the break room.
I find that really juicy and sweet grapes as a snack help fill the void of sugar-filled-candy-lust, or gum that is fruity or sour, keeps my mouth busy. And lastly is simply will power - be it guilt-tripping myself about how much it will screw up my plan and am I that weak?! to imagining how I would look with all those candies if they where just placed under my skin to just trying to think about something else.
You can do it chica! Just try and avoid even seeing it, thinking about it, and for sure tasting.

Trisaratops said...

Thank you for the tips - you are absolutely right in that I shouldn't even let it within my reach. I'm working on the will power!!