HYC Check In

Here's the week to get it together! Had a challenging weekend, celebrating my Mom's birthday, but I made the healthiest choice I could at dinner. My weight hasn't changed, alas. Oddly enough, I have had people at work ask me if I'm losing more weight - I wonder if my shape is changing? In any case, I'm happy to appear like I'm losing when I'm not. I've made myself a killer lunch, at 290 calories, and I'm toying with the idea of replacing a full meal with a green smoothie. But the experience of chewing is important to me. Does that sound dumb? I don't want to resort to a quick-fix, unhealthy choice like a Sl*m-F*st shake or something, but I'm thinking that instead of portioning out and weighing my dinner, perhaps I can just whirl it and sip it. Will ponder.

In other news, I started physical therapy, and my hip can now withstand a long walk without making me want to cry and take a bunch of ibuprofen! Progress! Tonight I want to do a really long workout so that I can conk out early, and be refreshed for my interview tomorrow. I'm already nervous, which is oh-so helpful. Nothing that 30 minutes on the elliptical can't dissipate!


HYC Check In

Miraculously, I weighed in at 216 this month. That is still a dismal loss for one month, but kind of okay, considering all the traveling. Also, it's TOM, I have scheduled my weigh-ins for 2 weeks after TOM, but missed it this month. However, I should be able to lose at least a pound a week, ya know?

Who wants to hear my speculation about why I'm not succeeding? Again, and again and again. I am strength training, I am cardio-izing, I am watching my calories, I am writing down what I eat. I guess I'm a great maintainer. I can't help but focus and wrack my brain over what I am doing wrong. I thought it was sugar. I know that there have been days when I have gone over my calories significantly, like by 300 or so, but I am eating so healthfully, so proportionately overall, that I truly can't understand why I would have this much trouble. Maybe I am not challenging myself enough in exercise, or maybe I shouldn't eat the extra 200-300 calories that I burn at exercise? Color me frustrated.

The positive news is, I changed my strength routine a bit, to be 3 sets of 10 instead of 2 sets of 12. That's a little more challenging. I also have found a new machine at my neighborhood YMCA rather than the downtown one near my office, that I LOVE. It is like an elliptical on steroids. You can do stair stepping on it, and then there is an increased range of motion. You can run on it, I swear, and you're flying - and you can go backwards. I love, love, love it. I asked at the front desk what the name of the machine is, and no one knows - they call it a climber/stepper, but I don't think that's right. I asked someone who was on one of the machines next to me, and he said "I don't know, but I've heard it called Robot Machine." Ha ha ha ha! Robot machine! Loving it.

So, here's to a month of HOPEfully losing 4 pounds. 4 please. 4.


The Haps - Nervous and Excited

Oh heavens. I have been so busy - I didn't even post my Healthy You Check in. The scale, she says I eat too much. Bah. It is frustrating. I did go candy-free last week, except for two slip-ups. I grabbed a mint on my way out of a restaurant, and another time, I had yuckity breath and the only thing I found in my purse was a hard candy - no gum. I still consider the week a success, in that I did not, after dinner each night, go in search of the gummies. Hooray!

But now instead of weight loss matters, I want to talk about exciting things. A few weeks ago I posted about a job I interviewed for, then promptly thought "Oh, well, that was a mistake." because the HR recruiter seemed to have a checklist for marketing manager thingies that I did not fill. I made peace with the fact that someone encouraged me to try out for this job, and then I did not meet the needs, and I went back to my regular, safe, satisfying job. Fast forward to three weeks later, and they pass me on to 2nd level interviews. The interview is with the most lovely woman who is in that position now, only more senior in another office, and the 45 minutes is basically spent with her telling me what the job entails. She also wants to make sure I do know how to coordinate a webcast for large groups, order catering and use the company-branded templates. And I assure her with confidence, that's 30% of my job as an admin. (Secretly, my response is "Uh, yeah. With my eyes closed." But that would be rude, so I don't say that.) She also wanted to hear about my attention to detail and my extracurricular audits of other offices. A very pleasant interview. I even felt comfortable enough to tell her - how do you know which groups of people to pull together to meet and chat about Human Resources issues? To which she was so generous and told me exactly how she executes her job. It was a fabulous experience. The next day, I met with my boss(es) (the merger has muddied the waters a bit as to who is in charge of my personal development) and I let them know that I had applied - and they were incredibly supportive. I seriously work in the best office ever. They wanted to know what the position was, and told me that they don't want to see me go, but of course they support me trying on something new.

The day after that, I am invited to meet with the big boss, and an Account Director. The big boss is the woman that I met with to say "I need more responsibility!" that scares the hell out of me. I have 9 days to prepare a knock-out interview. To say that I'm excited, is an understatement. I can't believe that I've made it to the final round - and I also am relieved to find that I really want this job. I made a pros and cons list, and sent it to my Mom and a friend, and they both said - whatevs, just go for it. I know that I have many advantages to being an internal candidate, but the fact that I have little to no experience with coordinating "strategic thought leadership" is very intimidating. Basically, I'm frightened of leaving my safe job where I excel because I've been there for nearly 6 years and can do it with one hand tied behind my back. I'm afraid that I'll fail in this position, but speaking with that woman who does the job now, she made everything seem engaging, fun and doable. Really it comes down to the fact that I currently work as an administrative assistant - someone tells me what to do. This job requires creative energy, and coming up with my own ideas. I've never been paid for my ideas, you know? I love that this job is a mix of coming up with creative events, but also has a nice mix of following required initiatives. I'm a sharp girl that can go for it. Right? Right. So anyone reading this, keep your fingers crossed for June 30th - I need to shine!


HYC Check In

Miami left me sun-drenched, and soggy! Thunder and lightning storms every night - but warm. It was a strange sensation for this Seattle girl. But now I'm tan and heavier than I was when I left. We swam and sweated and ate fresh foods, but no "formal" exercise, and had some cocktails and one of the best meals of my life at Joe's Stone Crabs. I had a wonderful time, I don't regret it for a minute!

I'm back on the straight and narrow - went to the gym last night, whining all the way, but I felt great when I was through. I'll get back to normal soon. This week, I'm not ready to kick sugar altogether, but I have to stop eating candy. I love candy. I love junky, fruity, gummy candy. It is horrible for me. I especially love fake watermelon and apple flavors. There's no value in eating it, and it takes away valuable calories from my daily budget. I love black licorice. That stuff, I get the good kind, the really dark Australian stuff. So this week, no more candy. It's a small step. So far, I've got 2 days behind me. Yahoo!


HYC Check In

If last week I felt like the personification of "I'm fine, same old, same old." This is the week of the "WhatcanIeatnow?" monster. Mostly I was a sugar monster. (Who is shaking their head in pity saying "Oh Sara, just give it up completely!") I know, I know, when you eat sugar, you crave sugar, and I should just go cold turkey. (mmm...turkey). I'm still at the "everything in moderation" point, and I really should probably work on eliminating foods that don't bring me nutrition.

I think I also suffer from just not wanting it to count. I want to have 5 great days so I can have 2 eat what I want days, and then hope my body does not notice. A virtual "nothing to see here, folks, let's move along.". Because the reality is, everything counts, even when you exercise. See also: Why didn't I take care of this healthy weight thing when I was in my twenties? Sheesh. Now I'm headed to the land of the South Beach diet, so I imagine the worst thing I'm going to have is a slice of Key Lime pie, a mojito and pork. I'm glad to know that I'll have easy access to salads and fresh fruit. Hope everyone else had a great week!