Miami, Miami, you've got style*...

The first of my traveling-for-work trips is tomorrow - I'm off to Miami on Tuesday! My boss is fantastic, letting me choose that city after I promised her I wouldn't eat too much to keep expenses down. And I'm taking my husband, which will be such a nice reward after a year of biting our nails praying for work. However, hurricane season is kicking off, and thunderstorms are predicted. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. However, we're content to stay in the hotel room ordering room service if it is too stormy outside. *eyebrow waggle*

I interviewed for a new job last week. Within the same company, but something totally different from what I've ever done before. (not the new job I originally wanted) It's a marketing position, and I was encouraged to apply by a woman in the marketing department, who after I submitted my resume, promptly gave notice so she could follow her husband to his new job in another state. Frustrating! I actually had a sitcom moment of "You wha-?" with the sound effect of the needle screeching off the vinyl. True story.

It was interesting to interview for this position, when I'm not miserable in my current position. I thought it would make me feel more confident, and it did to a degree. However, the HR woman made sure to tell me that they had over 100 applicants, and it was her job to make sure that she found "the right" candidate with "the right" experience. Well yes, of course we all want to hire the perfect person, I thought. My marketing experience is limited, and as I described my meager experience, I felt sort of silly and inadequate. BUT I know I'm a sharp girl, I know the Seattle office, I know the team, and I know the database that we use, AND I was asked to apply based on my performance as an admin, and I know I can do the job, and it would be interesting. So I am 50% okay with not being passed on to the next round of interviews, only because it was something I thought I would try on, and not a position I was in love with. But the other 50% really wants a chance to meet with the local team, to talk more about the position since we speak the local language, I know our clients, etc. I would rather be rejected by them, than the HR lady with her checklist. I agree they need someone talented, but I'd like the opportunity to hear from the actual team what their expectations are. So, que sera, sera. By the end of the interview, it felt like I dropped it over the side of a bridge into the river and watched it float away. And it was okay. 50% okay, I mean. So tomorrow I'll go to Miami and do some good work, and eat some tasty black beans and Cuban sandwiches, probably have a mojito and remember I have it pretty good in this life.

* 10 points to anyone who can name the reference for this post title!

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