HYC Check In

If last week I felt like the personification of "I'm fine, same old, same old." This is the week of the "WhatcanIeatnow?" monster. Mostly I was a sugar monster. (Who is shaking their head in pity saying "Oh Sara, just give it up completely!") I know, I know, when you eat sugar, you crave sugar, and I should just go cold turkey. (mmm...turkey). I'm still at the "everything in moderation" point, and I really should probably work on eliminating foods that don't bring me nutrition.

I think I also suffer from just not wanting it to count. I want to have 5 great days so I can have 2 eat what I want days, and then hope my body does not notice. A virtual "nothing to see here, folks, let's move along.". Because the reality is, everything counts, even when you exercise. See also: Why didn't I take care of this healthy weight thing when I was in my twenties? Sheesh. Now I'm headed to the land of the South Beach diet, so I imagine the worst thing I'm going to have is a slice of Key Lime pie, a mojito and pork. I'm glad to know that I'll have easy access to salads and fresh fruit. Hope everyone else had a great week!


karen said...

I love chocolate faaaaar too much to ever be able to cut out sugar or sweets altogether. Sure, I have to try not to go way overboard but I couldn't possibly say "no" to ever having sugar again! And I'm TOTALLY with you on the 5 days on 2 days off!!! (Especially since yesterday and today have been WAAAAAAY off!)

Curvy Jones said...

Stopping by from Healthy You!

I am trying hard not to go into the kitchen right now and root around for something to eat. I totally get you! And I can't keep it in the house or I'll eat it all in one sitting.

Mama Bear June said...

Yeah, it really ALL counts. The more sugar you cut, the better you'll feel and the easier it is to avoid bingeing. The natural sugars in fresh fruit are the best kind, naturally. :-) Hang in there. We all have those "WhatcanIeatnow" days.
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Chibi said...

My WhatCanIEatNow days are monthly (if you catch my drift) and seem skip every other month, but when they hit, BOY do I have to remind myself that it's only temporary. I'm scared to quit sugar, too... :-s