HYC Check In

Here's the week to get it together! Had a challenging weekend, celebrating my Mom's birthday, but I made the healthiest choice I could at dinner. My weight hasn't changed, alas. Oddly enough, I have had people at work ask me if I'm losing more weight - I wonder if my shape is changing? In any case, I'm happy to appear like I'm losing when I'm not. I've made myself a killer lunch, at 290 calories, and I'm toying with the idea of replacing a full meal with a green smoothie. But the experience of chewing is important to me. Does that sound dumb? I don't want to resort to a quick-fix, unhealthy choice like a Sl*m-F*st shake or something, but I'm thinking that instead of portioning out and weighing my dinner, perhaps I can just whirl it and sip it. Will ponder.

In other news, I started physical therapy, and my hip can now withstand a long walk without making me want to cry and take a bunch of ibuprofen! Progress! Tonight I want to do a really long workout so that I can conk out early, and be refreshed for my interview tomorrow. I'm already nervous, which is oh-so helpful. Nothing that 30 minutes on the elliptical can't dissipate!


Chibi said...

I totally thought I was the only one who needed to "chew" her calories! Drinking a shake doesn't feel like *eating* to me, so I avoid 'em, lest I over-eat.

I am in awe of your elliptical time! We got ours a week ago and I can do a whopping 5 minutes before pooping out... lol

Good luck with your interview! :)

Curvy Jones said...

Inches come off first (and faster) for me. Lbs laze their way off here and there. It's entirely possible that you've lost inches!

I'm not a shaker, at all. They taste chalky and don't satisfy me at all.

Hanlie said...

I often have a green smoothie meal - there is a lot of nutrition in a whole jug of green smoothie. And by all means, chew it! You're actually supposed to chew your smoothies, not gulp it, so that the saliva can mix with the food and start the digestive process in the mouth already.

I was so happy to see you over at my blog and I am ecstatic to see how well you've been doing! Good job!