HYC Check In

Miraculously, I weighed in at 216 this month. That is still a dismal loss for one month, but kind of okay, considering all the traveling. Also, it's TOM, I have scheduled my weigh-ins for 2 weeks after TOM, but missed it this month. However, I should be able to lose at least a pound a week, ya know?

Who wants to hear my speculation about why I'm not succeeding? Again, and again and again. I am strength training, I am cardio-izing, I am watching my calories, I am writing down what I eat. I guess I'm a great maintainer. I can't help but focus and wrack my brain over what I am doing wrong. I thought it was sugar. I know that there have been days when I have gone over my calories significantly, like by 300 or so, but I am eating so healthfully, so proportionately overall, that I truly can't understand why I would have this much trouble. Maybe I am not challenging myself enough in exercise, or maybe I shouldn't eat the extra 200-300 calories that I burn at exercise? Color me frustrated.

The positive news is, I changed my strength routine a bit, to be 3 sets of 10 instead of 2 sets of 12. That's a little more challenging. I also have found a new machine at my neighborhood YMCA rather than the downtown one near my office, that I LOVE. It is like an elliptical on steroids. You can do stair stepping on it, and then there is an increased range of motion. You can run on it, I swear, and you're flying - and you can go backwards. I love, love, love it. I asked at the front desk what the name of the machine is, and no one knows - they call it a climber/stepper, but I don't think that's right. I asked someone who was on one of the machines next to me, and he said "I don't know, but I've heard it called Robot Machine." Ha ha ha ha! Robot machine! Loving it.

So, here's to a month of HOPEfully losing 4 pounds. 4 please. 4.

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Heather said...

I know the feeling, I get frustrated too when I am working hard and it just seems like I maintain. just keep at it and I am sure you will see those 4 pounds gone. Just be meticulous in what you eat and work out, dont let too much stress get to you, and have faith that you can do it and you will.