HYC Check In - Birthday Edition

Happy birthday to me! Today is my real and factual birthday! In honor of me, there is a moratorium on weighing me. In further celebration of me, I have been eating cake, eggplant Parmesan and wine. Life is good! Tomorrow we’re off to Orcas Island for 3 days of relaxation. We’ve rented a little cabin, and The Ding is welcome, so I expect lots of walking, resting, reading and Mr. Black wants a rummy tournament. The card game, not Bacardi.

For the week in review, my exercise was spotty this week – I was having birthday dinners! I know that is no excuse, and when I get on the scale next week, I will likely be remorseful. But no apologies today, when I make a choice, I can't whine about that choice, right? Right! April will definitely be time to get back on the stick. More aggressive exercise, and more carefully tracked food. I'm taking a page of inspiration from Lynn - have you read this page yet? BRILLIANT! Its all about how you just have to do what is good for you, and not wait to be inspired. Go read it and try to not nod your head along in agreement, and realization.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Bleh. Or, HYC Check In

On Tuesday the scale read 226.4 - let's not speak of that again. My exercise was up last week - way up! Hooch consumption was down- way down to 2 glasses of wine! These are improvements, in my eyes. I am frustrated by the fact that while I was working on the show, I did not exercise a lick, but managed to come out only 4 pounds heavier. Now, I'm exercising and not seeing the scale go down. Time for a scale sabbatical? Maybe the month of April I will focus on doing what I know makes me feel good, and not worry about the pounds. I'm also leaning toward throwing my hands up and giving up the dream of weighing 199.8.

Let's focus on the positive - I ate well, and I exercised, I tried out a new routine in the gym, and that felt good. Movement and a varied diet is the best thing I can do for this bod-o-mine. So I have to keep doing it. I want my muscle tone back, by golly.


The Blind Spot Diaries: Part II - I still got it!

This was a long-time coming - and thanks to all for your kind inquiries about how the show went!

Stepping out on stage that opening weekend was exhilarating, terrifying and humbling all at once. My bundle of nerves tummy revealed itself in the form of bobbled lines, and being slow to pick up my cues. The perfectionist inside me found this unacceptable - and proceeded to put enormous amounts of pressure on me to be perfect. Once I stood in the wings and said to myself "You know it. Just do it." all of my lines came out just fine. I mostly did not want to be the actor that my fellow cast mates would not be comfortable being on stage with. I don't consider myself to be an unreliable actor.

This play was so unique and clever, that listening to where the audience found laughs and when they were moved, was half of the thrill. And discussing the script afterwards with friends, hearing what they liked or didn't, if they thought the lead girl was imagining it, or if it was real was delicious to partake in. I loved the high of performing, being so wired I could take on 30 day shred at 11 pm at night! Another thrill was that I had someone in the audience at nearly every single show. People who have known me for years and wanted to cheer me on, and new friends who were just as supportive. Many of my coworkers came and it was really fun to have them see me in my "real life". I'm not just the girl who can help you with your presentation, you know? And the post-mortem of the production, this little theater is so professional, they actually cared to hear how each of the artists' experience through the production was.

Overall, this was the best experience I could have ever hoped for. I finished the show with a sense of pride. Every single person in the cast I would work with again in a heartbeat. There was such a love fest when the show ended. Usually there is one asshole or person you don't care for at all - but not here! For someone not sure if she could ever be on stage again, this was a fantastic time. It stretched me as an actor, I think - it made me do stuff that was scary (singing! vulnerable character exercises!) and allowed me to play and have fun. The director said that I am going on her permanent list of actors to call upon, the Artistic Director wants me to join the company, and he asked me to audition for him in May. These are the highest compliments - I am so flattered to be received positively by them, when I was just trying to test myself.

I am so grateful that I was able to jump in when I did. 5 different worlds, 7 different costume changes, 2 songs, 5 characters, not enough rehearsal time and only one run before opening. I don't think I could have chosen a more challenging bus to jump on, but the ride was more than worthwhile.

The only negative? The time. As in no time to exercise. And I need it - as evidenced by my weigh in this week. I definitely want to reconsider the time commitment if I am going to audition again - it will have to be for something really wonderful, although Blind Spot is going to be hard to beat. But we only live once - may as well make it fun, yes?


HYC Check In

Do you know those surveys that you have to fill out for new doctors? Where they ask about how many drinks you have per week? I usually check the 1-3 drinks per week box, because mama likes a gimlet or glass of cabernet now and then. This week, I would have had to check the 6-8 drinks per week box. Yikes!

Remember last week how I worked my tush off with exercise, and was down 2.6 pounds? Picture it, I was feeling proud and like I was back on track. Well, then came a very busy social week for me. I had 4 events, and had 2 drinks at every single one. Even more than 2 at a birthday party! Combine that with only getting in 3 work outs, and I am weighing in at a disappointing 226.6 this week, a gain of 3.6 pounds. I was sore on Sunday from exercise – let’s marvel at the power of my body to gain weight while being sore. Awesome. Fluke? Was last week a fluke? I’ve also heard that you can gain during ovulation – maybe that’s it? Or, maybe I need to be honest with myself and admit that a heavy on the hooch, light on the exercise week is not conducive to weight loss, yes?

Back at it, I guess. Putting the hooch on the shelf and filling up my water bottle, and trying hard to not throw up my hands and say forget it, I’m living at 226 for the rest of my life.


HYC Check In

This morning I was greeted with 222.8 - that's a loss of 2.6 pounds! I am remembering the painfully hard exercise that I completed this week, and the fact that I ate carefully as well, to quash that voice in my head that says that there's no way I could have lost that much in one week, and it may have been a fluke that I was so high last week, etc. The effort is what's important - and I'm proud of what I accomplished this past week!

Ladies weekend was a wonderful respite, as always. We laughed and talked and visited the salon, and ate well and then talked and talked and talked some more. I am so blessed to know all of these fabulous women. They make me laugh and feel loved all at the same time.

On to a great week!


HYC Check In - Back at it!

It has been a month since I've weighed in - and as usual, I've gained weight at an alarming rate. I was 225.4 on Tuesday. That's 3.4 pounds. Yikes! I blame lack of exercise and girl scout cookies.

I got very sick after the show closed (that's pretty typical for me - my body says "Oh hi, are you free? Yeah, um, we've been holding on to this crap for a while now - here you go!") and then my gym efforts continued to be lackluster.

I did make it to the gym twice last week. And you know what? I was nervous about it - maybe nervous isn't the right word. But apprehensive. Doubting whether I would be able to complete a work out or if the YMCA staff would find me gasping for breath on the floor. After 12 minutes on the elliptical I wanted to get off. I fought through to the full 3o, but good grief it was hard! I feel like I am back at square one, strength wise.

However, I am proud to report that as of today, Friday, I have exercised 4 times this week. In a row! Cardio and weights on Monday, 30 Day shred on Tuesday (that is a killer - I'm still sore), Cardio and weights on Wednesday, and Pilates on Thursday. Hooray! I am willing to work hard for the next few months, because I am tired of the scale bouncing around the 222-227 range. Let's get into the 210's - yes?

Now I'm off to my 2nd annual ladies weekend. 4 of my dearest girlfriends, and we're all getting together this weekend, city style. Last year we rented a house, but this year it wasn't available, so we're going to the salon, and our favorite Mexican restaurant for mojitos, great food, and of course, we talk, talk, talk and laugh and then talk some more. It is good for my soul.