Bleh. Or, HYC Check In

On Tuesday the scale read 226.4 - let's not speak of that again. My exercise was up last week - way up! Hooch consumption was down- way down to 2 glasses of wine! These are improvements, in my eyes. I am frustrated by the fact that while I was working on the show, I did not exercise a lick, but managed to come out only 4 pounds heavier. Now, I'm exercising and not seeing the scale go down. Time for a scale sabbatical? Maybe the month of April I will focus on doing what I know makes me feel good, and not worry about the pounds. I'm also leaning toward throwing my hands up and giving up the dream of weighing 199.8.

Let's focus on the positive - I ate well, and I exercised, I tried out a new routine in the gym, and that felt good. Movement and a varied diet is the best thing I can do for this bod-o-mine. So I have to keep doing it. I want my muscle tone back, by golly.


Mama Bear June said...

You have lost 63 pounds, so I KNOW you can lose 27 more! Is it time to shake things up a bit? My loss rate was maddeningly slow, so I backslid for a few months and started again with a different plan at the beginning of February. I'm thrilled that I've lost 13 pounds. The menu on the Flat Belly Diet is yummy and filling, but pounds are dropping off. It's awesome!
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Heather said...

I think its important to focus on the positive, because you are doing great things! sometimes it just takes a while when youve been off track. I know that it took at least a month after xmas for my weight finally to drop back down again. it sucks, but sometimes its what happens. just continue with the exercise and soon you will break through of this and see results on the scale again.

sybil said...

Hang in there and know you are not alone.

I did a 'just float' month last month and maintained. Although it was a bit frustrating to just maintain, in the big picture, I know it was a good thing.

I feel more energized so for April I'm going to adjust my eating a little. I think I just need to accept that - potentially- I need to lower my calories. I am a 50 year old, post-menopausal woman who had been 250-300 pounds for nearly 15 years and I probably just can't eat 2000 calories a day and expect to lose these last 50 pounds. I hate the idea of cutting back on food - but if I want a lighter bod, what choice do I have?

You'll get there....I have no doubts! Thanks for visiting me - your support is much appreciated.