HYC Check In

Do you know those surveys that you have to fill out for new doctors? Where they ask about how many drinks you have per week? I usually check the 1-3 drinks per week box, because mama likes a gimlet or glass of cabernet now and then. This week, I would have had to check the 6-8 drinks per week box. Yikes!

Remember last week how I worked my tush off with exercise, and was down 2.6 pounds? Picture it, I was feeling proud and like I was back on track. Well, then came a very busy social week for me. I had 4 events, and had 2 drinks at every single one. Even more than 2 at a birthday party! Combine that with only getting in 3 work outs, and I am weighing in at a disappointing 226.6 this week, a gain of 3.6 pounds. I was sore on Sunday from exercise – let’s marvel at the power of my body to gain weight while being sore. Awesome. Fluke? Was last week a fluke? I’ve also heard that you can gain during ovulation – maybe that’s it? Or, maybe I need to be honest with myself and admit that a heavy on the hooch, light on the exercise week is not conducive to weight loss, yes?

Back at it, I guess. Putting the hooch on the shelf and filling up my water bottle, and trying hard to not throw up my hands and say forget it, I’m living at 226 for the rest of my life.


Mama Bear June said...

Drinks can definitely up that number on the scale! Forgoing those and upping the water intake will probably have you back down in no time. When I started the Flat Belly Diet last month, I gave up all Starbucks and alcohol for the whole month and it really WORKS! :-D
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Heather said...

it is SO hard to lose weight when you have a lot going on. I have weeks like that too, where I am attending so many things and it just happens. before you get too frustrated, just give it another week on plan and see how it goes.

and if I knew how a body could gain while being sore after a kickass workout, I would be a millionaire because I ask myself that all the time!

Hanlie said...

My biggest deterrant when it comes to alcohol is that it really affects me when I work out the next day... and not in a nice way!

Good for you for being honest with yourself. Sometimes we have weeks where we have more social commitments and they take their toll, but at least we know the truth and can do better the next week!