HYC Check In

222 - I'm happy to see you! We're in our third week of performances and I'm struggling to get back into the gym routine. I went twice last week. Barely- begrudgingly, and with hollow effort. Trudging to the YMCA and flinging myself against my will into the building, let alone pushing myself to lift weights and sweat on the elliptical, felt forced. Even though my arms, abs and calves are soft and squishy from lack of use, I was constantly distracted with thoughts of other ways to spend my time. I finished, but left feeling sheepish that I could have done more.

Which begs the question, why is my health the first thing to suffer when I get busy? It seems that I too easily give more weight (ha!) to domestic chores, surfing the net, or just being at home with family. These things are important, too, but I need to get past feeling like exercise is making me miss out on other things, rather than being one of the priorities.

Seeing the scale this morning was like getting an encouraging hug from a friend, who wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear "You can do it. Keep going!". My goal this week will to be to embrace my exercise and stop whining about it, already.

PS - thank you for all of the we miss you comments. I miss you too!