Let's Hear it for Number Two!

On Friday I found out officially that I did not get the job. When I walked out of my interviews on Wednesday, I could tell that I didn't ace them. There was one question that was my nail in the coffin. At least, I think there was only one - who knows, I may have bombed every question! Luckily, I was able to get some feedback from the head woman. They decided to hire a woman that has the experience and ideas that they need. I knew my lack of experience would be a problem, but was hopeful that they would be willing to grow my skills, since I know the office and industry so well. Dude, I made it through 4 levels of interviewing - that is nothing to sneeze at!! Thinking about it now, I realize that I should have focused on preparing some ideas for them, to show that I am willing to try it - also, being an insider to the company, I really should have taken the opportunity to use my inside knowledge to show how I would use the resources we have. I was looking toward let's talk about my skills, and how I can be influential with the relationships I already have. Now I know what to do next time.

Although I understand their choice - they'd rather focus on teaching someone our office and database rather than teaching someone marketing - it is still disappointing. I felt hurt and frustrated by the rejection. Like I don't have any special skills and that I'm not worth developing. So I was a cry baby for a little while - but now I'm moving on to the positives.

The good stuff is this. I've been noticed! The head woman told me I was their second choice - even compared to the other 2 candidates who had a lot of marketing experience. I specifically asked if she thought I was a wasting their time, and she said no - she was very impressed with me, and said that all four people I interviewed with were impressed by me. She said she was glad to get to know me better, and she was glad I applied, because she liked that I think outside the box, and am willing to learn new things, and that she wants to work with my current manager to help get me where I need to be. Also, the HR recruiter said that she thought I did very well, and she'd like to give me some feedback about what I did correctly, and talk about where to go from here. That's going to be a fantastic conversation!

I know I'm not going to go to my grave thinking about my career - my family and friends and health are so much more important. But there's no shame in looking for a little fulfillment outside the home. I hope all of you are spending time with those you love this weekend!


Hanlie said...

Ah see, there they are developing you even though you didn't get the job!

I'm sorry you were unsuccessful in your application this time, but I also believe that things happen for a reason and you might be lining up for something even more awesome as we speak.

Chibi Jeebs said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but the feedback you received is excellent - I'm glad you're proud of that because you *should* be! :)

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry!!! something better will come! Keep your head up :)

Heather said...

Im sorry you didnt get the job - obviously no one likes rejection, but you have the right attitude. you are focusing on the positive which is that you got a lot of good feedback and you definitely were a desirable candidate. so you should be really proud!