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Here I am, two days late, with the same old, same old. I had a low-exercise, heavy eating weekend. Not a good combination. And man, by Tuesday, I could feel the difference it made I felt bloated and sluggish. I would like to say in my defense, that I had my wedding anniversary (do you say wedding or marriage? Seems like it should be marriage, but I always say wedding.) and we went to an Italian restaurant where I had a not so lean protein, but also grilled veggies and polenta, instead of pasta. But the chocolate creme brulee had me undone. It was worth every pound I'm carrying today! Tuesday evening I returned to the gymnasium and felt like a fool - it was 80 something degrees and gorgeous, and there I am exercising indoors. But that night I had a good night's sleep and felt good about taking a rest day on Wednesday, because I had to be at work at 6:30 am on Thursday, and I wanted to eat dinner in the backyard with my husband. So there.

I am starting to feel like my updates here are like an alcoholic who gets drunk every night and then says "No, sherioushly, I'ma gone get betters." and then passes out. I'm not binge eating, which is good, I've cut back on the candy - but not entirely - and I am still planning my meals. So what's doing me in? The extras. The wine with dinner, the handful of pretzels and mini babybel cheese for a snack that I love, and sometimes ice cream. I think that the last year and a half of being stuck at one number has got me into a maintenance mode. I think I'm going to have to really start saying no to the extras. It will be like my own little EXTREEEEME sport. Extreme dieting. Because ya'll know I can only say no to the cheese for so long, so it is a diet, not a lifestyle change for right now. Thank heavens for the fruit, the fruit! I love summer fruit.

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Hanlie said...

This has been my problem for a long time... Not totally out of control, but not really on plan either. The problem is that it takes you nowhere! In that time friends and family members lost loads of weight and I'm still where I was! So, no more for me. I'm going to have to get serious about this again... Half-assed is just not working!