Fait Accompli

Behold the glory of a renovated yard and a refreshed woman. We got a huge help in the yardwork department from my dear friend, the avid gardener, I think I thanked her 17 times. She was able to make it go faster, and she knew how to cut things back, and how to rip out the roses. Thanks again, K! We spent two days weeding, planting and mulching. Over the course of those days I confirmed - quelle surprise - I hate yardwork. Hate. it. Perhaps I should change my system of weeding only once a year whether it needs it or not? That might help. My snarky neighbors who spend 4 hours a week in their yard said my plan to grow giant shrubs to cut down on weeding time won't work. We'll show them!

Before and after:

The Dandelion Circus

Scary Spider Habitat in the ivy:

Sad, sad bed looking for some room to breathe:

Overgrown bushy tree thingy(that's the techinical term) and dying rose bush:

And now, Willow tree happiness!

Trimmed down the star flower bush into a tree shape, and ripped out the dying roses:

Au revoir, ivy!

Grow, shrubbies, grow! And lavender. Breathing room for you!

My other great accomplishment - not eating all day on my vacation. I lost a little weight, and feel great. I was really concerned that I would find myself bored and munchy and eating things I shouldn't. But I didn't! For one thing, I wasn't bored. For another, I made sure I had good things for me to eat in the house, as well as making meals. I am so proud of myself, I can't even explain it in colorful terms - I just ate when I needed to, and focused on fresh. I'm planning my menu for the week and plan to keep up this eating only when I need to train, because its the right thing to do, sister. Sunday cooking commences, for a stellar week. Returning to work will not be easy, but mama needs some money.


Cammy said...

Oh, I have flowerbed-envy in a bad way! Well done!

I'm so proud for you on your healthy week! I knew you could do it!

walkingbearfoot said...

I just found your blog, your flowers are beautiful! And I'm so inspired that you lost week on vacation! I'm worried about going out of town at the end of the month I hope I can do as well as you.

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