Weigh In Day

I’m a loser baybay

I did it! Today my weigh in put me at 51 pounds gone!! I feel like that Molly Shannon character from SNL, I want to crow "I've lost 51 and I can kick and stretch and kick! I've lost 51!" I was standing on the scale praying please 240, please 240 and I zipped right past 240 and went straight to 239!! I was worried, because the pizza was calling my name yesterday and so I had my busy salad with 2 slices. 2! Egads! And then I didn’t really eat dinner – just some popcorn before the play, – high in fiber, but not very nutritious. I don’t usually eat like a stressed out supermodel, but I justified it for a couple of reasons. I honestly wasn’t hungry for dinner (listening to my body), but feared that if I didn’t eat something, I would come home at 10:30 and eat ravenously. And I have avoided popcorn all week – which is unusual for me. And, I am a grown up and if I want popcorn for dinner, I’m eating it! I’m on to normal and healthy eating for the upcoming week. But hello, 239! It is such an amazing feeling – like opening a really great gift or when I got engaged, the excitement and joy and dammit, I am PROUD. I went to work and immediately told anyone who was nearby – except my boss, because, well, that would feel weird to me. People are being generous and kind and really congratulating and celebrating with me. Which is lovely, and I have some other thoughts about the celebrating that that I need to arrange into something that doesn’t look like a monkey said it.

What a way to start November, with visions of 235 dancing in my head.


Chubby Chick said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday! I'm glad that you did... because now I can visit you!

Wow! Congrats on the awesome weight loss today! My weigh-ins are always on Thursday, too... so here's to another good weigh-in next Thursday for both of us! :)

I'll be visiting you daily from now on. :)

LMS said...

Congratulations, Moma! I'm so proud of you!

Lady Vea said...

Woot! You are awesome and inspiring and you should be proud! Keep up the great work.
P.S. Popcorn rocks.