show and tell

Let's accentuate the positive! A show and tell of photos. I never took an official "before" photo of myself. But I think this is pretty accurate of what I looked like "before".

So here we are in September of 2006, at the gorgeous Crater Lake in Oregon, when I had been exercising for one month. Please note I NEVER wear tank tops in public without something to cover my arms. But it was so hot there! And I actually reasoned that I would never see those people again.

And now, 51 pounds gone! I couldn't resist the pants pull out at my waist. And yes, I really am that tacky to wear a red bra under my green tank top. Love me anyway! That is "clingiest" tank top I own and now it aint so clingy!

And now some photos from the side and in front. How hard is it to get in front of the camera and not suck your tummy in? I have been doing that my whole life, so it is funny to force myself to not do that. This is the real deal, man.

And finally, my new jeans! When I go to put these on, they look absolutely teeny tiny to me, even though in the photo they don't look that small. I'm going to hang on to my old size 28 jeans for future comparisons.

So tacky bra strap and all, these photos make me feel good! They kind of solidify my progress for me. I need to keep these in my mind for motivation. And thus ends the show and tell portion of our program.


Chubby Chick said...

OMG! Your before and after pics are amazing! You have lost so much weight, girl! What a difference! You are so pretty and look great in all the pics... but the progress that you have made with your weight loss is fantastic! Good for you!

And... by the way... how are you losing it??? Whatever you're doing is definitely working... and I'm just curious. :)

LMS said...

Darling, you always have been and always will be beautiful. But hot shit, you look fabulous now! Pregnant ladies have nothing on you in the glowing department - you look radiant. I can't tell you how proud I am.

Teale said...

Your progress pictures are amazing! It's time to get rid of those shorts, woman!

Lady Vea said...

You look so great!! What an inspiration! Lovely and I agree with the above - you look as happy as your progress looks impressive - keep it up chica!

Tori said...

Wow, you look incredible. I'm so excited for you, your going full steam ahead!

I added you to my Bloglines so I'll be back! °Ü°