Weigh In

Well hello, Thursday weigh in! You are much better than expected. Today the scale saw 240.2, which is still a gain of 1.2 pounds, but not the 3 that was forecast earlier. Phew! Back to sanctions. I've got to stay focused for the holidays, man.

I'm still sore today - but will dutifully go to water aerobics tonight. Today is a "busy eating day" at work. We're going to the Tower Club for lunch, which is a fancy schmancy place on the 73rd floor. Not too shabby for views. Its most notable feature is that the stalls in the ladies room each have their own window - so you can watch the world go by while you do your business. Lovely. Good luck to my other weighers!

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Lady Vea said...

You know... Holidays, just remember what they are supposed to be about besides food. And also a good trick I have is, thinking to myself when I really want some no-no food. If I take a tiny bit and just savor it and enjoy that tiny piece like it where the last one I ever would have... it is so good and not too bad for the waist line. When I just eat it and eat it, yeah it tastes good, but am I really enjoying it when i just hardly chew it so I can stuff the next bite in? Is that enjoyment or is that really just habit? Think about it, it helps me when faced with those things!
You are doing great, stay on track!!