I am feeling frustrated again. The scale is showing me a gain of 3 pounds. How does this happen? It couldn’t possibly be the snacking and sweets, could it? I was reading in Diana's archives, and she wrote about relaxing her limits. And this line really struck me. “In the past when I would get on the scale and have a good week, I'd let myself slide. I'd think..oh this is working I can cheat a little here and there and it will still work. I was the master of self sabotage. If I exercised really hard and I saw a big change down in the scale, I'd "treat" myself to some ice cream or chocolate or an extra serving of something...." That is me in a nutshell. I made my 51 pound mark last Thursday and immediately lifted the sanctions on cheese, desserts and bread. I never went out of control, I never binged. I just allowed myself to eat them. Well, except for that Friday night when I was in a stressful situation – I continued past full, into nervous eating. I also stopped journaling. It surprises me (and at the same time, I know I shouldn’t be surprised) that the consequences are so swift. 3 pounds! I exercised like normal this weekend and even “made up” my missed Halloween exercise on Friday night. Can I get a pat on the back for exercising on a Friday? That was my rule for Katie when we started, no exercise on Fridays or Mondays. So okay, body! I hear you. No snacking like crazy after a loss. Grrr. Why must it take twice as long to lose, and we gain in an instant? Back to the sanctions…

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Lady Vea said...

Yeah I was thinking that in the shop today, I was so proud of myself for my loss and thought treat time, then caught myself right there and said - how about I reward myself NOT with food - so I bought a book I wanted instead! I had to focus super hard, but I stuck to my list and it helped that I ate my lunch right before the shop so I wasn't hungry.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! My squash dish is as below, super easy and really tasty:

~12oz of HEALTHY sausage
(I use this hot spicy http://www.isernio.com/chicksaus.html)

4-6 med/lrg pattypan squash sliced ~5mm thick and then again in half (to make bite sized flat pieces)

1 red onion diced

1 med tomato diced

chopped garlic to taste

Oregano to taste

Pan fry and break up the sausage until just starting to brown and in small pieces, add onion, garlic, spices, and squash. Pan fry on med-high heat until onions and squash begin to brown and soften. Add tomatoes at the very last and cook just enough to heat them through.

Serve hot over boiled potatoes or rice. A table spoon or two of fat-free yogurt really adds to the over all flavor of this dish! Enjoy!