Starring in my own Reality TV show

Dude, I feel like I'm on Temptation Island today - except all the seducers are sweets.

Today I have faced caramel laced coffee cake, with buttery crumb topping. It called my name, but I pretended to not notice its advances and I high tailed it out of there to eat my hearty lentil lunch.

Then there was a pile of peanut butter and molasses cookies, and as I refilled my water bottle, they asked me if they could come with me to my desk. I hesitated, because I thought they would make a nice after lunch sweetie treatie, but again I had to rely on my feet to take me away.

Just now, my co-workers have returned from their annual trip to the Tri-Cities and brought back a box full of bakery cookies, set them out 8 feet from me, and sent an email announcing their presence. I literally can smell the sugar cookies.

Jeez o petey! What's a girl gotta do to get through the day without a cookie in her face? No means no, cookie face. I deserve an immunity idol or something.

Tonight is date night, which means dinner in a restaurant that does not have nutritional information on their website. And then we're seeing these guys in concert. I get to laugh until I pee - and then spend the next three days repeating lines from my favorite sketches to anyone who is near, my favorite part.

So quickly, I'm writing publicly that I won't succumb to these oh so friendly cookies, because at dinner tonight, I may eat something that has cheese and/or butter in it - or both! I'm using the brilliant Cammy's SMART Splurge decision making process. 1) I still have sore quads from Tuesday's squats, 2) I'm going to Pilates class tonight and 3) I've been on plan for days and 4) I've got 800 calories to spend. Do I want to use those on a cookie that will taste good at first and then give me sugar crash in an hour? Of course not. I don't know why some days it is so much easier to be strong and other days it isn't, but I am taking advantage of it today - and getting the hell off this island!


Heather said...

oh I can relate..the woman who buys the food for my office came back with 2 bags full of candy from costco: 1 full of assorted chocolate (twix, reeses, m&ms, tootsie roll pops) and 1 full of sugary candy (laffy taffy, nerds, starburts). I wanted to die because it was just sitting there. sucks doesnt it when this is all around you and have you to say no.

Cammy said...

You know, I'm always worried that my posts are just too hokey for words, but knowing that you found something useful in that one makes my ENTIRE month! Thank you for that!

Now...::gulp:: you passed up pb & molasses cookies? I bow to your inner tiger, because I'm not sure I could have, date night or not. I shall remember this post for the next temptation that jumps out at me. :)

Enjoy your date night!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm having a few days where all I want to do is dive head first into food so I can completely relate to this post. Hang in there, we'll get through it!

Sarah said...

Somedays are much easier than others-- before I got laid off my office was the closest to the lunch room. All snacks ended up there and all left overs from catered breakfasts and lunches also ended up there. Sigh-- some days I could walk on by, others, I would sneak down after the mad rush and have another cookies. Good for you passing them by.

I hope the date went well. You a Seinfeld fan? Yadda Yadda bisque. :c)