Reason # 87,547 why I love my husband

Poor Mr. Black. He is married to a klutz. Last night as I tried to put my arm around his neck, I clocked him IN THE EYEBALL with my heavy silver ring - that is about an inch wide. Oops. Then as we were wrestling with our furry football to give him some medication, I squirted it at just the right angle, so it ricocheted off of our dog's teeth, to splatter all over Mr. Black's face - and he was able to confirm that yes, it does taste like bananas. And then I laughed. And through it all, I was forgiven. Good man, bad wife.


Scale Junkie said...

LOL too cute! He's a keeper for sure!

Hanlie said...

He's got the same problem as my husband! Fortunately he's got the patience of a saint (when it comes to me anyway).

Anonymous said...

Very funny blog entry! Nice to come across some humour in amongst all the weight loss blogs!

Best wishes,