HYC Check In

I'm down in my heart, and up on the scale. 226.8 today. This is only the slightest of gains (0.2), thank goodness. So maybe I'll break through this stupid gain next week. However, it seems official that I need to change my HYC bling to 60 pounds.

Over the past week, I experimented with adding more protein to my diet, to curb cravings. It worked pretty well. Not perfectly, but well. However, I think I have found a new way to be full and healthy. What has 42 grams of fiber, and 48 grams of protein per cup? LENTILS! I have the most delicious recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, and so I brought that for my lunch this week. Lentils, carrots and tomatoes. Sounds yucky, but if you like lentils it is fabulous. I ate it yesterday, and wasn't hungry until dinnertime. And that is the most important feeling for me.

This week will pose a challenge, my in-laws are coming to visit. They are not in the habit of eating the most healthy of diets, so I'm trying to think of meals that will appeal to them, but also not deter me. I don't think Lentils will be on the menu.

And my NSV this week, I journaled my food every stinking day. Hurray! I rarely stayed close to 1500, but I think that's not going to be a realistic intake for me right now. And that's okay.

Hope everyone had a great week! I know Diana did - wahoo! Go congratulate her on breaking through her plateau. And it seems that she was having the same problem I am - gaining on limited calories. So fascinating


Teale said...

You changing your 65 pound badge on your blog reminds me of when I went to WW this week. While it was a good week & I had a loss (put me back up at 45 pounds lost), when the woman said "Oh good, you get a 5-pound star this week!" I had to shake my head and say "um..... yeah, I all ready got that awhile ago...." Oh well though, it happens. I say don't change it. I still have a ticker on my other blog that says I've lost 50-some pounds, even though I'm in not there right now. Fact is, I will be back, and so will you! Don't neglect the fact that you DID accomplish that! Be proud!

Cammy said...

Yaay for your NSV! Journaling takes a lot of time and commitment. Kudos to you for getting it all in!

Anonymous said...

NSV's count too! Have a good week!

Heather said...

sorry to hear you are up, but its barely up. thats more like a maintain to me. youll be back down before you know it. forget about that scale, instead, I thikn you are doing fantastic with your NSV!

Hanlie said...

Good luck with the in-laws! I still think you're doing really well!

Scale Junkie said...

I've wanted to try lentils for the longest time, I think I saw the same show with lentils on Barefoot Contessa, you've inspired me to pick some up next time I'm at the store.

Good luck with the in-laws and thanks for the wahooo! :-)

Felicia said...

NSV's for sure count!!! I think its great!!