Shopping = Motivation

I hate shopping. I love grocery shopping (well, somewhat). But clothing shopping was always a chore. I used to choose whatever fits, whatever hides my ass, and is in red, black, white, green or gray. That's it. If I have to go shopping, I usually make sure to park right where I need to be, and get in and get out, as quickly as possible. And if I have other ladies with me, we must stop for lunch in between. Well, when is it ever not fun to stop for lunch? However, my body is changing in exciting ways, and I'm more amenable then I ever was to shopping.

I got a little inspiration from Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. I love this man. And although there's a part of me that says ohmygawd please calm down, it is just fashion, not the war in Iraq! I also take to heart the lessons I can learn about fitting. Like where shoulder seams are supposed to hit you (end of your shoulder), and that the crotch of your pants should hit your crotch. Amazing! Tim did a show with a woman named JeAnne who just lost 145 pounds. Wonderful! And I could so relate to her anxiety about revealing her undergarments, and to have your closet and choices (which is yourself, essentially) picked apart. But she gives me hope - and it gave good ideas of what to look for in a fit, a silhouette. I feel like I am really going to get there someday. Even if it takes me 7 years - I think I'll reach my goal weight.
So it is a new experience to learn what to look for and to appreciate my body now.

First, I'm down 3 sizes in pants. 3! I really need new jeans, and some work wear pants. But I have a really hard time spending the money - paying full price when I know I am going to shrink some more. So, I think I'll invest in some belts. And pore over the sales. But the thrill of looking in the dressing room mirror, and wanting to buy everything just to say - hey! Look at me! I have smaller pants!! Was a great feeling.

Wanted - D Cups. I used to have D cup breasts. As I discovered this weekend, I have become a C. Why is that? Why can't we hold on to those? However, I got 2 new bras that are so amazingly supportive, I now have the highest and cutest C Cups out there! And one of them is red. I don't think I've had a red bra in years, which is shameful. I love it! So even though I don't have the size I want, it was really cool to see the substantive change in clothing sizes.

It was a good feeling this weekend. And although I've been having an affair with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Cat cookies, I know that if I continue doing good work, I'll be in even smaller pants. It is so much easier to keep at it when you have some success.

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LMS said...

I'm so proud of you, Sara, and so excited that you're seeing results from all your good work. And good for you for buying a red bra! It's so easy to get stuck in the neutral tones and forget that we need some sass in our underthings every now and again. Keep fighting the good fight!