10 Daze

Oy! The FitDay Challenge over at Mel's is over. Hurray! I began to feel as though I were in competition with my body. Could I keep my intake under 2000 calories? Could I lose weight even if I didn't? Should I sit on my hands to keep me away from the candy? And most importantly, could I really be honest about what I was eating? And here's what I learned.

1. I go crazy with the calories on the weekends. (I already kind of knew this, but now it was in print proof)
2. I eat A LOT of fat. Wow. A lot.
3. I still hate journaling.
4. I love candy.

So I should lower the fat intake and my high fructose corn syrup snacks, and keep at it! Yes? I am 8 pounds away from hitting the 50 pound mark. So here's a goal - to be down 50 pounds by October 10th. And to not go so crazy on the weekends. Here we go!

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