Mission :: NOT Impossible

For my current health and weight loss, I owe a great debt of gratitude to my dedicated, positive, and encouraging work out buddy, Katie. I really never wanted to exercise before. But in August of 2006, we decided to stop bitching about our plus size bodies and join the YMCA that is in between our offices. We've suffered through bad water aerobics instructors, (and great ones), weird people on the machines - like the Bunny who does the Elliptical at warp speed, and the man who tries to get the recumbent bicycle into orbit. Odd people in class, like the woman who can't stop screaming at the water aerobics instructor, or the man that mostly wants to be in your personal space while in the pool. But it makes for good cocktail chatter, no?

Half the time I only go to the gym because I know Katie's waiting for me. We meet 4 times a week, and vow to keep each other entertained to keep the time passing quickly - and encourage each other. Well, I was on my own tonight. And armed with a mission from my personal trainer. Kari is my gal, and she is a kick -who also rocks as a trainer. I had a session with her on Tuesday, and she has put me back to zero, essentially. It has been nearly 1 year since I saw her, so she was tsk-tsking me. I wanted to leap into free-weights, but I've got a mission for one month, before then. Circuit Torture. I mean, Training. Who wants to do cardio and Nautilus machines at the same time? I wince and cringe just thinking about it. Tonight I was on my own and responsible for not only getting myself to the gym, but also to do circuit training. I had to actively talk myself into going tonight. So after a warm up on the Elliptical, it was down to the weight room. I would use a Nautilus machine, and then have to do an aerobic activity for one minute. I chose walking the track while carrying a weight. I felt so nerdy - leaping up from the machine, speed walking while carrying one weight. And my little eyes were searching the room for some sign that people were snickering. Logically, I know I shouldn't feel nerdy, but I did! So now I'm the weirdo people will tell their partners about - shifty-eyed woman with only one weight in her hand.

So get yourself a work out buddy if you don't have one - they make such a difference. But not my Katie. She's mine!

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