And we're back!

I LOVE California! I spent the weekend exclaiming that at my most joyous moments. Swimming, being outside late at night, eating outdoors, and rubbing in copious amounts of SPF 30, the perfect protection that lets me get a little color, but not burnt. Mr. Black and I had a wonderful time - he got to realize his dream to visit Universal Studios - they are tearing down the Back to The Future ride, so we rode it first. That ride is so old, but it is fantastic, and has amazing effects. I got to swim and lay in the sun and visit Mowtin. His perfectly styled apartment is inspiring - I insisted to Mr. Black that we must paint our boring white walls!! Mowtin is so talented - I admire him so much.The best part was seeing him with his new beau, Mr. Z. They are lovely together, so kind toward one another and making the other laugh. Mr. Z lets Mowtin be loud and funny, and he chimes in with equal verve when he feels like it. I loved watching them be comfortable together, and openly discussing their future together. And in a quiet moment, Mr. Z asked me if it was okay if he married my brother. I kissed him on the cheek and exclaimed YES of course! They are lucky to have found each other, it is hard to do. When I think of all the people who are against letting these two make a legal and binding commitment to each other, it makes me want to scream. I'm appalled and saddened by the sheer waves of hate in the number of twits against gay marriage. There is beauty and love in their relationship, to squash it is cruel. Even in the most practical sense, not being able to ensure they can legally be each other's family should something land one of them in the hospital (touch wood). My heart belongs to Mr. Black, I'm grateful that he's officially my family, and I wish the same for my brother and his partner.

But, on to the food. Did you know that if while you are on vacation, if you don't have a few drinks each day with many high fat meals, you might die? Oh, it's absolutely true, nary a smile will crack your lips and you will begin to annoy others around you - they'll start ordering cocktails and french fries for you without your asking. As I aim to be a charming guest, I ate with abandon. It was glorious. I enjoyed each minute, bite and sip. Most of our days were spent swimming and walking, oh, and sweating in the 106+ degree heat, so I didn't feel so bad. Although when I weighed myself this morning, I was up. Six! Pounds! Yikes! That's not so good. It takes the wind out of my sails a little, but I'm being honest with myself. No more guilt about eating. I won't fear food dammit, (except maybe these. Shamefully, they can have their way with me, every time). Although my weekend of gluttony it makes Mel's FitDay Challenge very embarrassing, for myself, I will make everyone feel better when they read my journals. Yep, I'm a giver.

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