If only it meant more bacon

Dr. Oz is on his gal pal Oprah's show tonight! A teaser showed eat more, lose weight. Now that's something I could get used to! Seriously, when I have been really "good" (I hate to label my behaviors as good or bad, but there you have it) or super diligent about my calories and ratio of fat - I lose very slowly. Then I get fed up and decide that I can splurge on a meal - and I eat 5 slices of bacon at breakfast. And whoop! The pounds fall off. There are theories galore about this. Your body conserves your calories as fat since you aren't eating that much, then when you give it roughly 400 calories of fat - there is a collective sigh that the famine is over, we can release the stored fat that we don't need, and voila - weight loss! And then there's the Atkin's theory. I'm sure the eat more, lose weight will include mostly upping your fiber and lean protein, and not lots of bacon, much to my chagrin.

Can I show you what I just spent hard earned money on? Bacon Flavored Salt! Oh lord this could be trouble... but deliciously dangerous trouble!

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