HYC Check In

This week was a story about dedication. Both to exercise, and to eating copious amounts of cheese and sugar. I wanted a cheeseburger in the worst way this weekend. And after having been to the gym, donating blood, and purchasing a week's worth of healthy groceries, I convinced my husband that we needed to go out to the movies and dinner. I only ate half of my gorgeous melty cheese caramelized onion beefy sandwich that night - there's one good thing! But proceeded to buy 186 kinds of candy for the movies. So, I'm moving on (forcing myself) from the Red Tide munchies. Also, when your pants are too tight on Monday morning, it is pretty easy to remind myself why I shouldn't eat like that.

Dedication is going to the gym on a Saturday when you don't want to, and riding the bike AND doing my strength training, thankyouverymuch.

So now I'm going to be dedicated to my health this week. Less cheese and sugar, more good for me stuff.


MargieAnne said...

I am so pleased to find you at HYC. I've bookmarked your Blog and will enjoy reading your journey.


Cammy said...

If you're going to overdo (and from time to time, we KNOW we're going to), the day of an awesome workout and a noble civic duty is a good time to do it. :)