Traveling Wo-man

I have an exciting opportunity at work that is presenting a new challenge in my weight loss efforts. Am I now a cheese tester? No, but if that position is available anywhere, please consider this my application, because I would be an expert.

My new responsibility means traveling. Going to 4 of our national offices and auditing their files to make sure they are properly documented, in case our consulting advice was ever called into question, or litigation. Boring? You bet. BUT I get to fly on the company dime and see some great cities, and earn some points with my boss, so it is a win-win as they say in the bizness world.

The challenge? Eating out, and not having my familiar YMCA to work out in. As soon as I set foot on a plane, I'm all about I'm on vacation! Let's eat what we feel like and claim that I'm walking all of it off. But I saw what un-tamed birthday eating did, (8 pounds!) so I know that isn't going to work. Also, I am a freak about not having food nearby. I already went on a training session, and ate so much at breakfast because I wasn't sure when I was going to have lunch and what if I get hungry and oh my are those hash browns and granola bars? Move over! It was silly. Here are some strategies that I've laid out for myself:

1. Protein at breakfast makes me stay fuller longer s0, eggs and fruit are my best choice at breakfast.
2. Exercise! Every hotel we're staying at has exercise facilities, so there's no reason to not have some sort of movement.
3. Portion control - our team will be taken out on a big fancy dinner one night, and so I must remember that rule of only eating half of what is on the plate.

Practical, yes? Not too hard to follow? Yes. I just have to put them into play!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Washington DC and I'm so excited! I am pretty overwhelmed by the sightseeing options, and I only have Friday evening and all day Saturday to see what needs to be seen. I'll be back Sunday, exhausted and hopefully full of good memories, not cheese.


Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on the new work venture! Sounds exciting!

And... your strategies are great. They will definitely work! And I know you can do it! :)

Wei Sic Meow said...

Sounds exciting!! Isn't it funny how we sometimes worry where our next meal is coming from, as if we are in danger of starving?!! Well, you have some great strategies there so you will do fine.

Lisa May said...

Ooh! Have fun in DC! Having only been there twice for very brief stays, I can only insist that in addition to the White House (say hi to Mr. And Mrs. Obama for me),and Capitol Hill (say thanks and welcome to Arlen Specterfrom all us lefties) you see the Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam War memorial. They'll both make you tear up, I promise. There's some neat stuff in the neighborhood around Ben's Cili Bowl (where the President and Bill Cosby eat free), but I'll be damned if I remember what the stuff is or what the neighborhood is called.

I know you'll do fabulously sticking with your plan. Good for you for strategizing in advance. Xoxo.

Hanlie said...

That is so exciting! I still feel glamorous when I get onto a plane, even though I usually travel in cattle-class... Enjoy!

Heather said...

congrats on the opportunity! I think that you will do well regardless so I wouldnt let any worries about food and exercise get in the way of something so exciting if its what you want. and I also will be applying for the cheese taster too :)

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I love cheese also. Imagine if you live in Wisconsin.