HYC Check In - and survey questions!

I regret to announce that my weight was 231.8 today. But, I didn't even tell you that last week it was 234 - so it is almost like I lost 2.2 pounds! That is what 2 weeks of unadulterated birthday celebration eating and intermittent exercise will do to me. Could someone please tell me if there are any contests that award prizes for most efficient weight gain? I could use a boost right about now.

It is April for Pete's sake and now I am currently 8 pounds heavier than I was in January. I really think that part of it is my muscle tone coming back, but really it is fat. Sigh. I am having an intervention with my chubbier self, because I am realizing that I am in more trouble than just "heading the wrong direction". I am not working hard enough. A serious plan of attack, some serious changes are called for. I don't want to be someone who wallows in self pity and wonders aloud why they aren't losing weight, and promises to get it together someday, but never does.

  • Change the first! I haven't journaled my food in a while, and I used to be a FitDay devotee. However yesterday I signed up with The Daily Plate - I appreciate that their site has brand name foods, which is helpful for entering my cottage cheese, juice, yogurt - that kind of stuff- whereas on FitDay I always had to fudge the serving size amounts to get the right calorie and fat counts. So far, journaling brings me that oh so fabulous feeling of "do you really want to write down that you ate that? Because Jelly beans aren't really on your plan, girlfriend." I found myself last night wishing I hadn't spent so many calories on the stupid jelly beans and Triscuits that were calling to me from the lunch room at work. See, it is already working! Ooh - and the other thing I love about the Daily Plate, is that they have way more exercise options - like you can actually enter elliptical, which I have never been able to find on FitDay. My recommended calorie intake was 1,990 before exercise - that seems awfully high. Does anyone else follow the plate guidelines for calorie allowance? I'd love to know what your experiences have been.

  • Change the second. Exercise, baby. I need to change my routine - I'm finding that I work harder when I am following someone's instructions - a la DVD at home, or in a class. Last night I kicked off my new commitment by returning to spinning class. It was a killer - 40 minutes of hard work and more sweat than anyone cares to imagine. If I am just doing elliptical and weights, it is easy for me to take breaks, catch my breath, stop when I get tired and fiddle with my iPod. I want to make routines for myself to follow for a few weeks, and then change them up with new weight-bearing exercises. Anyone have any suggestions? Do you have a favorite routine that you can share that is sort of a full body work out - or DVDs that you like?
I am ready to get these last 65 pounds off my bawdy body, as Mr. Black would say. Any exercise or Daily Plate advice is sorely needed and appreciated. I hope everyone else had a great week!


Wei Sic Meow said...

Oh, man! You said the S word. Just seeing the word Spinning makes my legs turn to jelly!!

Mama Bear June said...

I'm starting an interval walking plan and strength training routine that's in May's Prevention Magazine. It's supposed to be a 2 week kickstart. Will let you know how effective it is.
Path to Health

Chubby Chick said...

I track my food with Fitday... and I totally get why you're switching. I like Fitday... but it does have its limitations. I've just been using it for so long that I don't want to switch to anything else because I have so much data there.

No matter what you use... you CAN do this! Just take it one day at a time and do the best that you can each day.

And I'd definitely carry healthy snacks with you to work. That should help with the workplace temptations! :)

Cammy said...

You're off to a GREAT start with these two actions! I'm just going to stand to the side so that I don't get bowled over by your momentum! :)

Heather said...

great self-talk! I think you said it all and it takes a lot to be able to do that sometimes. I know that you will be able to get to where you want to be and so just put the past in the past and look forward.