I got an exercise routine, ya'll. Here's what I'm planning on doing for the next three weeks, and then I'll change the body weight exercise part. Posting it here keeps me honest, yes?

Monday - 45 minute spin class
Tuesday - 20 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes rowing (I could only do 5 this week!)
3 sets of 15 mountain climbers, with 10 push ups (alternating)
3 sets of 12 press-up squats with weights, 15 varied crunches (a la 30 day shred)
Wednesday - 30 min elliptical
3 sets of 12 lateral raises, with 10 push ups
3 sets of 10 kick backs and thigh raises
Thursday - 1 hour Pilates
Sunday - Same as Tuesday

Various parts of me are sore - and I am hungry a lot, so it feels like I am kicking up my metabolism. Hope so! The scale has not budged, however.

Know what is embarrassing? Doing the always effective but never enjoyable Mountain Climbers in the very busy YMCA - in front of some very fit men. But I was determined to get rid of my self conscious self, and just do it. You know what is even more embarrassing? While doing sets of Mountain Climbers, having your shirt fall down to your neck - exposing your belly and breasts in one fell swoop. After I scrambled upright, I was forced to tuck my shirt into my pants and look like Mr. Magoo. This was not in the brochure on how to be glamorous while getting fit.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome schedule! I'm still not brave enough to get on the row machine yet lol