HYC Check In

The aftermath of Baconopolis was mild - I'm down 1.6 this week. Phew! I feel relieved and like I could shout I win! I ate bacon and still lost weight, and oh my the bacon was good.

My exercise was great - despite missing one day due to an emotional and stressful day at work. I'm still sore from my arm work on Sunday, so that is a fantastic feeling - I know I'm working hard. Two weeks in to the Daily Plate and I'm still in love with it, and I'm like why did you ever stop journaling your food? Seeing my calories in print makes a big difference. I am pleased that I'm losing and proud that my exercise commitment is still here - let's keep this momentum up!


Chubby Chick said...

Yay! Congrats on the loss! That is fabulous!

All this talk of bacon makes me think of that "Beggin' Strips" commercial. lol

Mama Bear June said...

Great job on the loss! Keep making healthy choices. Bacon IS a protein source.
Path to Health

Heather said...

great job! sometimes youd be surprised by what you can eat and actually not gain weight and some cases like you, actually lose! I think when you can make occasions like this a treat and not a habit, your body actually doesnt pay you back for it on the scale.