Plan B

Last night, my work out buddy and I headed to the gym, ready to brave a new frontier, the Racquetball court. Work out friend is a former high school athlete, while my hand-eye coordination leaves a lot to be desired - picture trying to teach a Saint Bernard how to juggle. That's about where I am at. But I'm all about the funny and being open to a new way to move my body, so we had a date at 6 pm. When I arrived at the locker room, work out buddy was feeling a bit debilitated due to super cramps, but she was ready to hit the court with me. I started changing into my gym clothes, and when I dug for my tee shirt, I found another pair of pants. Whoopsie! Two pairs of pants and no shirt does not a YMCA approved outfit make. Although our friend Dave at the membership desk encouraged us to try topless racquetball, we declined. Are there no mistakes? Was my subconscious trying to save me from embarrassment on the court? We'll never know for sure. Thwarted by my poor planning, we headed to happy hour - wouldn't you have?


Jeper Drai said...

(Big Smile)

That is the sort of post I have to try my very best not to respond to so as not risk seeming really creepy. ......Oh WTF

You could have just strategically place a couple of stips of Gauze Grip Tape and away you go. Perhaps band-aids?

Please forgive me, I am tired.


torriem said...

clearly, jd has never seen your rack or they'd know that bandaids would never ever do the trick. :)
good for you.
wait, is raquetball the one in the enclosed room? i did that once. if by "did that" you count me running around the room yelling and flinging myself at the walls. for some reason it seemed very theraputic at the time (college: my scene partner and i were using it as a rehearsal space). my point being, i believe it is a fun way to get good exercise. but so is happy hour, if done correctly.
keep up the good works, my love.

Cammy said...

LOL I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, only I had two t-shirts. Fortunately, I still had time to run by the house for some pants, but I cut it close. :)

Racquetball looks like it would be fun, especially if you're there for giggles and endorphins.