HYC Check In

Week 3 of no weigh in, so let’s focus on the NSVs! I missed one work out, but otherwise, I kept everything up. I even went to the gym last week after a root canal and a PAP – if that doesn’t show commitment, I don’t know what does.

One of my goals during this off the scale period is to keep my calories pretty steady. When I was following Weight Watchers, one woman in the class asked “At what point does the size of your apple count as 2 points?” And the instructor replied “You know I never gained weight because I ate too many apples, so I always count them as one.” That is the truth. I have to watch the stuff that is calorie dense, the sugary extras, and the half and half. I hate being the nerd that weighs her pork chop before she eats it, but how else am I going to know how many ounces it is? Also, I made an Excel sheet to calculate the exact calories in my made at home dishes. Nerd fest! I hope, I hope, I hope that these tools will keep me on track, and get that number below two hundred! As much as these things are nerdy and time consuming and kind of a drag, I am so glad to have a plan and look forward to a life with healthy eating habits, exercise and oh yes, smaller pants!

Hope everyone has a great week!


torriem said...

you are a complete and total inspiration to me in every possible way.

Irish Mom said...

You have to do what works for you!! If weighing the pork chop helps, then tahts fine. When I did WW, I low balled the points for fruits & veggies points. I sometimes even ADDED to the points of stuff I should not be eating. So if I ate a cookie worth 3 points, I would make it worth 5 points. Then I would think of all the OTHER things I could have for 5 points, and usually decided against it. Of course the was many many moons ago, I have since had kids and many many more cookies. Go figure.

Heather said...

I think that is great advice. I know I didnt get fat eating an extra helping of lettuce in my salad or an apple, so whenever I feel extra hungry, I eat more of those things because that isnt what got me here. it was the doritos, ice cream, popcorn, etc. and Im glad that you are focusing on those NSVS (which are fabulous) rather than just the scale!

JanetM97 said...

I'm super impressed with the workout following a root canal and a PAP (and poor you at having both in one day?!) I'm new to HYC and checking out some of the sites. Enjoyed reading your blog! very inspiring. :)