HYC Check In

Week 25 already? Happy Tuesday! I’ve had Big Doins around here, as they say. My Mom retired, and we had a big fat party for her this weekend, with old friends and tons of family. Nothing makes me want to hop on the scale faster than a family-filled event. One must have exact pounds to report, should someone ask about your progress.

This is a large preamble to say, I weighed myself for the first time in 4 weeks or so on Saturday, and I was relieved to see 220! I have finally hit the 70 pound mark, and that puts me down 3.6 pounds since my last weigh in. I think I could get used to this weighing in every 3 weeks or so. I really am just focusing on doing the right things and feeling great and hoping that the weight will come off too. Just Do It June seems to be working! Exercise was great this past week as well.

My Mom’s party consisted of a lot of finger foods, and a devilishly tempting torta of pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. I did succumb to the torta a bit but I also loaded up on fruits, veggies, and had a few shrimp. All in all, I think I did well. I love summer time for losing weight, because it is warm (make that warm-ish here in Seattle) so I naturally drink more water, and I could eat bowls of nectarines and blueberries all day – and it is good for you too, what a bonus.

So I’ll continue to just do it, and maybe hop on the scale again sometime in July, methinks. Hope everyone else’s week was grand!


EVA said...

wow 70 lbs?! you are an animal!! i have a big family event coming up soon. i wont be reporting numbers. im up 50 lbs. can you believe it?? enjoy your success! you sound great!

Heather said...

AWESOME! that is just fantastic and I am so happy for you.

Cammy said...

Oh, Sara, this is FANTASTIC! Congrats on the new bling and for your tremendous accomplishments!

Irish Mom said...

Awesome job!! You are my inspiration!!

Lynn said...

great job!