HYC Check In

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! I'm at the tail end of TOM - and the scale is 3 pounds higher than it was yesterday. So frustrating to me! So, I report in at 226 today. I better see some serious number drop next week, I tell you what. Secretly, I hope that these 3 additional pounds are pure muscle from all my squat and "mountain climber" work this weekend. Alas, I think it is my less glamorous but always effective culprit, retaining water.

My week in review:
I skipped all my work outs this week due to physical and emotional duress.
I ate well, and even though I was in full-throttle TOM, I avoided my usual comfort foods. Except I did eat some french fries while visiting my friend. They were great.

I have a 1500 calorie plan - painful as it may be, I think it is going to work. Back to the gym, back to focus! And please forgive my absence again at your blogs - I will truly make good on my promise this week.


Cammy said...

Mountain climbers=ugh! :)

Congrats on staying with your healthy eating all week! I think you'll be surprised at how much food is involved in 1500 *healthy* calories! You can do this!

Heather said...

great job sticking to plan this week. TOM is affectnig me too, aint it a bitch!?!

briy said...

You're awesome!

I too sometimes (probably delusionally) believe that these slight gains may be the sudden advent of new muscle. I hope it's accurate in your case! :)

Way to go avoiding comfort food. It's so hard for me, especially during TOM. Keep it up!

Take care!

Irish Mom said...

I am sure its muscle!! I always hate that TOM gain!! I can be so weak for chocolate!!