HYC Check In Week 17

Up, up, up and away this morning. Today the scale saw 226.6. I am frustrated and I am disappointed in myself. There's the half of me that remembers that I am eating well and exercising well overall, and then there's the other half of me that chides my snacky ways of last week.

Last week was carbo-licious for me, and I found myself feeling ravenous and craving all sorts of foods in the evenings. And I gave in. And then I wouldn't measure and I would think well, hell, I screwed it up now. Picture dipping pretzels in peanut butter - and not counting how many. Not the worst thing I could eat, but not the best. So in an effort to curb this behavior, I prepared myself high protein and high fiber breakfasts and lunches to take to work.

Crust-less Spinach breakfast quiche
2 servings of fruit
Turkey burger on whole-wheat bun
Asparagus and red pepper salad

For dinner we're having succotash (sans bacon) and probably some grilled item.

I'm also considering that I need to shake up my exercise plan. There are new machines at the YMCA that I have yet to be introduced to, so maybe an appointment with my trainer is in order.

I can only keep going, keep living this healthier life and trust that what needs to happen will happen. Hope everyone had a successful week and an even better one ahead of them.


Mama Bear June said...

Your determination to make healthy choices will have your right back on track. Changing up the exercise habits can definitely help sometimes. I'm on a doctor-ordered fasting of exercise right now. Bleah. I hate it now that I've developed such good habits. But there are times my body does need rest to recuperate from injury or illness.
Path to Health

Heather said...

Im sorry to hear the scale was not your friend this week! but at least you can look back and understand why. some weeks are harder than others, but youve got the right mentality that you just have to keep moving on. dont let a few mistakes deter you because in the long end of things, this wont really matter at all.

Cammy said...

This is one of those weeks to focus on the big picture. You said yourself you're doing well "overall". That's what will get you to your goals. I vote the trainer route to shake things up.

Teale said...

You know I'm gonna need that quiche recipe!

CAP said...

It sounds like you're energized and feeling great! Keep a hold of that feeling and look past the scale. Another way to shake up your exercise is to add bursts of intensity in your cardio routines and start lifting slightly heavier weights. This means your body is getting stronger and more efficient! Way to go!