When left to my own devices, I will watch 3 episodes of What Not to Wear back to back, do lots of internet research projects, and catch up on all my blog reading. Inbetween this flurry of activity, I also will constantly wander back into the kitchen looking for something to eat. I can hear Diana's "voice" saying "It's not in there!" yet, I continue to look. All of this is thanks to a viscious cold. My husband has been sick for a week, with a racking cough and wheezy chest. I washed my hands, took my vitamins, exercised, slept and tried to only kiss him on the cheek. (Okay, I failed at that last one. ) Alas, my efforts were not enough, and the cold has claimed another victim. I'm home from work today.

I woke up with an appetite today. I'm avoiding dairy (dairy makes mucus, I think) and would give my kingdom for a cup of coffee with half and half! I'm focusing on tea, broth and fruit. But I am craving bread and beef like crazy. So I'll admit that I've just sent my house-boy husband out to fetch me a beef treat. It may be in the form of a hamburger. I may eat the whole thing without feeling guilty. I may not want to be honest with you, my blogging friends, but I must. In my web surfing, I read PastaQueen's recent post on binge eating. I love her honesty and her don't pity me attitude, which is how I am feeling now. I want something, so I'm going to eat it without feeling badly about it, and getting back on track after. Promise. It is also further evidence that just because you reach your goal weight does not mean you'll stop being addicted to foods. Damn! Ah well, today I'm letting the hamburger win. Tomorrow, I won't.


Chubby Chick said...

Awww... I hope you feel better soon! :)

Hanlie said...

Good for avoiding dairy, which indeed will only create more problems. Also avoid caffeine, which dehydrates you. And enjoy your hamburger!

Hope you feel better soon!

Heather said...

I bet your body is really craving the protein right now to feel better, so Im sure thats why you want that burger.

feel better soon!

Scale Junkie said...

I agree with Heather, your body probably wants protein to heal and feel better but stay away from the dairy because yes it makes you produce more mucus and thats the last thing you need right now.

Feel better!!!