Leap of Faith

Oh me oh my, my hubby's decided to fly! (the Amazon.com coop, that is) He quit his job. This was terrifying to me. Visions of eating lentils and water just to ensure we can pay the mortgage and other bills closed around my lungs and made it difficult to breathe. Also there was that nasty woman Miss Communication (get it? Miscommunication!) who got in the middle and made me feel disregarded, while he felt rejected and trapped. Turns out that my husband and I are walking cliches. After spending 5.5 years together, you think I would be able to read between his lines. "I had a really bad day and there are no other positions available, and we have savings, so how do you feel?" means "I hate it there, I need to quit now. And I need your blessing." And none of this came out of the blue - it has been building for weeks. And he's been trying to hang on, hang in and lay low, but he couldn't take it anymore, despite his love of working at Amazon.

I wanted him to give more notice than he did, but in the end, all that would have meant were 2 more paychecks, a really miserable husband, and possible resentment ball building between the two of us. I prattled on to work out buddy and fabulous listener, Katie, and then rambled some more to my dear brother. He made an interesting point. He said that it means hubby is being proactive, believes in his talent and that he deserves something better out there. Doh! Why didn't I see that? My practical nature took over.

I feel 1,000 times better today than I did yesterday, and I am reminding myself that eating ain't gonna make him get hired somewhere any faster. Right? Right!

Also, thank goodness for his sense of humor - this morning we had this exchange.

Hubby: "I'll take you to work today since you have all that potluck stuff."

Me: "Really? Great!"

Hubby: "Yeah, Rick's opens at 8:30, and they have a breakfast buffet." (Rick's is a stripclub)

Hilarious! (And my husband doesn't go to strip clubs, so double the funny.)


Heather said...

well I hope everything works out for him! sure its a scary time, but if its one thing I have always took from hearing speakers about jobs, is that you should never stay in a job you hate for long. I think this change will probably be better for his mental health and life in the long end.

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets something else soon! I can understand your fear, of course. And yes, you don't need to eat your way through this!

Grumpy Chair said...

You are right, over eating, nervouse eating, etc. isn't going to help him find a job.

It's understandable that you were worried about him quiting his job until he found a new one.

Wishing you both luck and glad you see things differently after sleeping on it.

Lidian said...

Sorry I am catching up sort of in reverse...That sounds stressful but in the long run it is best not to have the person you love totally strssed out about his job. Wishing you both lots of good things to come!

Scale Junkie said...

You are right, eating won't get him employed, it will only get you stressed. Hang in there!! I hop ehe finds a new job quickly!