Oooh! I've got a good one!

I have a friend at work who is about the same age as my Mom. I love talking with her, especially since it is so different than chatting with my Mom, but I still get that wise woman factor. And from her, I've just gotten my new favorite mantra/advice/philosophy/bumper sticker. She told me a story about her friend who said "Your priority is whatever you are doing right now." This struck a chord with me, because it is so darn true! Every time I get frustrated, or I feel like eating more than I should, or I don't want to exercise, the reality of the moment is that there is strength and time and love for anything I want there to be. We all have the power to try something new, to take different actions to bring the results we need.

My friend usually pulls this out to chastise herself when she is bemoaning her stagnant love life, or gets frustrated by her job. Wishing I would lose weight never worked, because it wasn't my priority. Now that I treat my body better, I actually see results. No more wishing and hoping for change - if I'm not working on it, it must not be my priority. So, food for thought- what's your priority?


Lidian said...

That is a good one.

I have a lot of priorities, and one of them certainly is to take care of myself - eat right, exercise, try to relax and enjoy my life etc - because I want to be around for a long long time!

My family is another priority.

Last but not least is my work (writing) which I can now fully concentrate on now that my kids are older.

I am still at Chai, but it is a pared-down version, and will not post every day, I was getting overloaded etc.

Carleen said...

my ME proiotity is taking care of myself... and getting out to exercise...

that is priority before bloggin, and surfin the net....but I can still make time for the others..

Keep up the new outlook!
thanks for stopping by

Chubby Chick said...

That really is a great mantra... and one I definitely need to adopt! Taking care of myself and losing weight has GOT to be my top priority... not 2 or 3 on the list.

Hanlie said...

Great post, Sara! Thanks, I'll remember this!

Scale Junkie said...

Great post Sara, we need to always remember to keep our healthy goals as our number one priority. You are so right, we do have the power to try something new.

My main priority is getting healthy. I'm doing that by fueling my body with nutritious foods and exercise. Everything else comes second.

You are so right, wishing things would change doesn't change a thing, the power to make the change is in our hands.

HappyBlogChick said...

Apparently my priority is to goof off during work hours instead of being a productive employee! Oops!

Heather said...

love this, because it is so true! when I wanted to lose weight so badly and wasnt, I was definitely not putting myself and my body first. it was only when I chose that above work, fast food, eating out at restaurants, donuts, etc., that I found that I got the results I had always dreamed of.