Weigh In Day

Oh, I knew this was going to be bad. I don't want to write down my weight. I don't want to tell the world just how bad it is. I had an inkling when last night I put on my exercise pants which are too big at a size 24 and they were snug. Two weeks of social eating and not exercising with regularity equals 242.6 pounds. That's a gain of 7.6 pounds. Horrible. But, like Diana the Scale Junkie said, I own it, accept it, and take responsibility for it. Ain't nothing else to do but that.

So next week will be better. I kept my 1600 calories yesterday, and I'll do it again and again. I can only go down from here! And look at that, I get to hit the 50 pound loss mark ... again. Sigh.


Felicia said...

Hi ya!!

I remember when I had to "face the numbers". I had to go weigh at my husbands work place on the FREIGHT scale. He handed me this little piece of paper that said 427lbs on it. I thought I would pass out but stopped myself from doing so as I was sure he would have to go get the forklift to help me up. Ok so a little over dramatic but my point being that as awful as that day was "owning it and facing the truth" I look back on it now and am glad I owned up to the numbers. I know now that they dont own me and that if I have no other power in this world I DO have the power to change those numbers and change them to what I want them to read.

You can do this. Take those numbers and tell them flat out that you are saying good bye to them forever.

YOU GO GIRL! Its your year to kick those numbers to the curb!

Felicia =0)

Lidian said...

Hi Sara, I am doing the Healthy Challenge too and have bookmarked your blog (I love your title!)

I hate my scale, it is from the 1980s and seriously wonky. It has the awful name 'Revelation' above the number thingie - Revelation, yeah, thanks a lot!

I plan to buy a new one pronto. It helps to own that number, because when I don't, I forget about it and get into the candy. Ugh. I gained many pounds in 2007, Year of the Mentos (we get really good Mentos flavors in Canada worse luck!)

Heather said...

hi, came across you on the Healthy You Challenge. Dont you worry, I think we all overindulged these past 2 weeks ( I gained, then lost, then gained!), but I am sure you can get back on track and continue the success that you seem to have had. heres wishing you luck!

Scale Junkie said...

You've owned and now use that dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach as motivation. I know that feeling because I felt it too. So now we pick ourselves up and move on.

I think what will truly set us apart on this challenge is that we will have so much support that even if we do fall down (and we all will) there are so many hands ready to pull us to our feet and help us dust off..our recovery time is going to be MUCH faster. I fell down once in 1993 and I didn't pick myself back up again until 1997 at 425 pounds. Those days are over!!

From here we move forward and on to better health!!! I'm so proud of you!

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... don't feel bad. I think most of us gained over the holidays. You are NOT alone!

Next week will definitely be better. And that trend will continue throughout the year. :)

Hanlie said...

Hi, I'm also on the Challenge! For me this is a fresh start, so I don't even care what the number is right now. What matters more is what the number will be next Wednesday! And every Wednesday after that and especially on 31 December. We can do this thing!

Good luck, Sarah!

Ps. I love Seattle!

Grumpy Chair said...

Hi Sara:

I love your goals for 2008. I hate to sound all "blah blah blah", but a 55 pound loss in 16 months is awesome in my book.

Here is 2008 and much success to you and your weight loss journey. Looking forward to reading about your adventure.

Saweetie-Carleen said...

a gain isn't the end of the world- (mine was 6pds)--I have to do the same thing- move on and keep losing!!
Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I'll reiterate what everybody else has said here - it's not the end of the world (and you know this), all you can do is move forward. Also remember one thing, people tend to consume a lot of sodium over the holidays which will make you retain water, so some of the weight may be water retention.

Keep up the good work!

ALSO...I have been looking for something like FitDay FOREVER! I'm going to be adding this to my blog, as soon as I figure out how. Thank you!

Lady Vea said...

Well Sara - we are all having a rotten time recovering from the after math of the holiday season, but look at it this way - it wasn't a 10lb gain, that is good, right? Coulda been a LOT worse. Hang in there - stay dry - and drive safe in these horrid winds today!! You can do it!

Teale said...

As silly as it sounds, sometimes I think we all need a time like this. A time when we've slipped back into old habits & the scale shows us. It's a reminder of how easily our weight loss efforts could be reversed if we don't make healthy choices. So you've owned this, you've learned from it, and in no time I bet that 7 pounds will be wiped out. Keep on keepin' on!