A liquid lunch, sweetie, liquid lunch

So here's a way to keep your calories down, sit in the dentist chair for 3.5 hours. I had to have some extensive work done, and will go back in two weeks to finish it. And, I can't eat anything crunchy for 15 days. Do you know what is crunchy? My daily apple, carrots, almonds and popcorn. Arrrgh! So what would any girl do when she has to lie still for 3.5 hours? Why she thinks about what she can eat, of course.

Scrambled eggs
Mashed potatoes
Soft bread
Peanut butter
Cottage cheese
More Soup.
Secretly - ice cream! Pudding! Jello!

So I'll be dreaming of soft meals, because apparently I am 80 years old now. I was in pain and drugged up last night so I didn't make the rounds that I wanted to last night, but will surely make up for that tonight. Thank you for the snack suggestions - and Teale - thanks for the sweetie treatie suggestions too! You guys are totally awesome. I had completely forgotten about string cheese and cottage cheese! And snack bars! Oh, hurray!


Teale said...

No problem on the snack suggestions! I figure every once in awhile you need some sweets or you'd go crazy! I try to have healthy balanced meals, then have a little treat once a day! It gets me by!

Heather said...

wow that would suck! but I can relate...I had jaw surgery when I was 16 and could only have liquids for a month (and I lost a TON of weight). hang in there!

Michelle said...

Puddy and jello are not all that bad for you, just go low sugar. I found an awesome gelato here called mama italia - dark chocolate. I treat myself every now and then. Hope you're not in pain!