Happy New Year! Last night's party was a success - it was the sexy white pachyderm edition. I received for my craptastic gift a "Ho purse". This regular looking purse, filled with a thong, strappy sandals, tank top, condoms, gum, mouthwash, lubricant, etc. Hilarious! Katie got a DVD called "The Cockettes" about an acting troupe, as well as a book about sex from the middle ages forward, so the laughing was not in short supply. So fun! The onus is now upon Katie to supply all attending the party a sexy fun fact email each week for 2008. We had a blast.

So here we are on January 1st. What will be our goals? I cringe when I think of New Year Resolutions. Normally, these are little words to fail by. But, setting goals is a good idea. My weight loss has been slow. 16 months to lose 55 pounds is healthy and safe, blah, blah, blah. I want more action! I think the reason that it has been so slow is that I'm really not willing to work out more than 4 days a week, and reduce my calories below 1800. So, I think these will be things that need to change, if I want to speed up the process. Man oh man I'm going to need support - someone to say "Put the bagel down!" when I'm faltering. Lucky for us, Diana the Scale Junkie has established the Healthy You challenge for 2008. I am so excited about it. I am envisioning recipe swaps, fitness tips and general commiserating and cheering each other on. I am also compelled by looking good for others - in that I want to impress people with my progress. Approval seeker? Yes, that's me. So I think that this will be a big motivator. Also, my role model, Mel, has established an exercise streak challenge for 2008 -can I exercise every day? Oooh, the suspense!

Without further adieu, grand goals for 2008 to a healthier me.
  • Faithfully log meals into FitDay
  • Reduce calories to 1600 for January-March
  • Reduce calories to 1500 for April - June
  • Reduce calories to 1400 for July - December
  • Exercise 7 days a week - 4 at the gym, walking on the other 3
  • Lose 75 pounds this year!
  • Lose 15 pounds by my birthday, March 31st.

Other goals, that are essential to my health, but not weight related:

  • Manage the mail/filing clutter in my home. I file in my job, so I am not too eager to take care of it at home. And it is maddening
  • Enroll in the SPHR course at UW
  • Take an acting class? I've been off the stage for so long, I fear I'm a rusty old lady. A class will revive some confidence - this is tentative. Exercise and losing weight feels like a second job right now, and I just don't know how much time I'm willing to give up for acting even though it is emotionally rewarding for my soul.
  • Enlist my husband to find an activity we can do together that doesn't only involve watching something.
  • Give more compliments, give more to my community, be frank and honest on this blog.

Whew. That's a lot. I need to establish links to the healthy you community, and I will do so soon. But today is New Year's day and I have some urgent cuddling to do with husband and The Ding, and then movie watching. I wish everyone a 2008 filled with love, new friends, and stronger bodies.


Felicia said...

WOW super list of resolutions to accomplish this year. I forsee you checking them all off!! Here is to a whole new year of a Healthy You!! Best wishes to you!!

Felicia =0)

Scale Junkie said...

I LOVE you list of goals! I think they are very realistic and completely achievable!! I lose weight slowly too and I'm going to start increasing my exercise and using fit day FAITHFULLY!!!

We can do this!!!

Lady Vea said...

You go girl, you are so practical and focused it is really impressive. I think you have a lot of support out here! Classes are great - hence my taking swimming classes at UW and staying in school in general - it keeps the mind sharp, makes (in PR class case) you show up and do something extra, and it seems like there are not enough hours in the day - but you can amaze yourself with how much you can fit into one day when you stay organized and focused.
Normally, there are so many minutes each day we just let drain away doing mindless things. Think how much you can do in the time it takes to watch one movie - I can clean my whole house in that time. Also in my household, during the school time (when we all work AND take classes), we have a movie night restriction - we only watch something one pre-designated night a week (in our case Saturday). Sometimes we totally veg out that night and watch a LOT, but we still cannot fit in the same amount as we would if we watched each night for the whole week and it makes us use other evenings and other free time for study, workouts, and other more productive activities. ;-) Good work on your resolve.

Teale said...

Well the first paragraph of this certainly got my attention. I have no idea what that's all about, but I'm reading backwards in hopes of finding out! LOL