First Fabulous Fitday

Oh, behold the power of FitDay. The pressure of public humiliation gets me every time. You can click on the link under "See Sara Eat" on the right over there and ogle/evaluate/giggle at my diet and activity level. Yes, I do need that much half and half in my coffee, thanks for asking. See, the public humiliation factor? I will find myself asking "Do you really want to eat that - you're going to have to write it down!" Today is my first day at aiming for 1600 calories. Wish me luck!

Today I entered my planned activity today before I have even ventured to the gym. That's motivation, no? I can't find Elliptical Trainer in their menu of choices. However, you can enter sexual activity - I had never noticed that before - hilarious. Do I want to have others evaluating my diet AND my sex life? Judge me by the amount of cheese I eat, not the amount of loving I get, wouldja? Sounds like fun, but I think I'll pass entering that info. Day one - so far, so good!


Felicia said...

LOL Fitday can be very humbling cant it. There are days I put my amounts in there and its like Ewwww lol. Sounds like you have a great plan going for the day!! I am one of those that likes a touch of coffee in my cream HAHAHA. Thank goodness that Lands O Lake Fat Free Half n Half. Only thing I have found that actually tastes and is almost as thick as the "real" stuff LOLOL.

Best wishes!!
Felicia =0)
Healthy You Challenge Teammate

Chubby Chick said...

Your posts always make me laugh! lol I LOVE reading them!!!

I've been bad at leaving comments on everyone's blogs lately... so sorry for that! I'm going to get better with that. I promise! I have been reading, though!

And now I'm going to go look at your Fitday stats. lol I post mine on my blog, too. I always wonder if anyone ever checks it out. lol

Krissie said...

I too have some difficulties with the activities on fitday. I refuse to put sex on the activities. I also find severe arguments in what the treadmill and fitday say as far as calorie burn.

Check out my fitday link too. I need to know that someone is looking!

Teale said...

LOL I'm doing WW, and you can earn activity points for the activity you do. You measure it based on your weight, duration, and intensity of the workout... I earned like 5 activity points from sex once! LOL