Weigh In Day

So how honest should I be? Here's my logic - I went to dinner last night, and then drank a glass of wine around 10:00 because we were having girl chat time. Which always makes me higher in the morning. So I specifically weighed myself yesterday to be my "true" weight. So there's the whole truth - I was up to 235.8 this morning, but was down to 235 even yesterday. Which is not a huge loss, but a miracle nonetheless, as my eating habits have not been stellar. So I'm taking 235 and running with it, baby. So there.


Chubby Chick said...

I'd go with 235, too. hehe Good for you! :)

Sash said...

Good blog! You are v. brave and fabulous.
I love the scales that show that decimal point - and the BMI, although mine also shows H2O% which I think is kinda bogus.
I find that being scale-obsessive helps keep me in check with my weight - cut back w/ the oz.s *before* I've gained 10 lbs.back.

Scale Junkie said...

WOW!! Look at you! 235!! YOU ROCK!!!

Lady Vea said...

Hey you are awesome! Thanks for your lovely comments as always! I am starting up again, and am ready to get it kickin' again, couldn't do it without my support blog-work. Happy holidays and I am so excited to get with it now that the most of the holidays are done with.