Weigh In Day

Oh weigh day. How I love thee, but not so much today. I’m away from my trusty Tanita scale, so I’m going with what the guest scale saw, 237. I’m going the wrong way. But with the stress that’s in my life right now, losing weight is not really a big priority for me. I also ate a late dinner, which always tips the scale a bit. I’m exercising, which is good for stress relief, and I’m still aware of my portions, I’m just not going to stress about the numbers right now.

Today is our charity buffet at work. It’s a potluck, and then everyone pays $10 to eat, and we donate the proceeds to the Union Gospel Mission, a church that does a lot of good here in Seattle. Fabulous. By 10:00 am. I have already consumed 5 chunks of salami, 3 cubes of cheese, a pickle, 3 olives, 5 triscuits and my crustless quiche breakfast. What was that about watching portions?

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