Reason #837 to lose weight

Tonight I went to a baby shower for a coworker. She is due January 4th, and pre-pregnancy she is probably a lovely size 8 or 10. So the basketball that protrudes from her belly is pretty obvious, to most people. Her name also happens to be Sara. One of our coworkers (we'll call her Gretchen) came to the party, and brought her 2 daughters, one who is 4 years old. Gretchen explained to the 4 year old that my name was Sara as well as the pregnant lady, and won't that be easy to remember, there are 2 Saras. Her daughter nodded seriously, taking it all in. About 15 minutes later, there was a lull in the conversation, and the 4 year old piped up "Mommy, which Sara is having the baby?"

Everyone politely smiled and pointed to the other Sara and made comments that it was so apparent that that Sara was pregnant. No one said a word to me, so I had to bring it up later, as a joke, telling them I wanted to say "I'm working on it, honey, I'm working on it!" which allowed everyone to laugh a little. I just had to point it out - I don't like big elephants in the room. It is perfectly reasonable that this little girl honestly got confused and it had nothing to do with my body, but still, I think sometimes I'm just gonna have to be the fat girl in the room. Until I'm not, that is.


Chubby Chick said...

Awww... why can't little kids just keep their traps shut sometimes??? Words like that can be so hurtful... even when they are spoken by children... and sometimes ESPECIALLY when they're spoken by children.

A little girl at a birthday party once told me that I was fat. (Like I actually needed someone to point that out??? lol) The thing is, she said it in Spanish, and I didn't understand her. So another little girl translated, told me what the first little girl said, and then apologized. The second little girl was chubby, and she said, "That's OK. People tell me that, too." My heart broke for her!

Teale said...

Gotta love kids, they have no filters! At 4 years old though, I probably wouldn't have known what a pregnant lady looked like.... maybe she didn't either?

I have a friend who has a pregnant lady belly, and a cashier at Walmart asked her when she was due. Rather than correct her, my friend just played along & made up some imaginary date. Then the woman asked if she knew the sex of the baby & my friend said that she was having a girl & shared possible baby names. LOL. I guess some people just roll w/the punches:)