PSA of the Day

Yummy Snack - handful of roasted almonds, and one square of dark chocolate. Fiber, protein and antioxidants all at once. And quells the urge for a cookie or brownie or 4.

And turns out the Dairy industry wasn't lying when they said that adding low fat dairy products to your diet can help you lose weight. Our friend Dr. Oz did a study and showed the details on one of his specials, The Truth about Food. They took a gent and had him eat lots of low fat dairy for a week, then omit the dairy from his diet for another week. Turns out the components of the dairy products helped him excrete more fat. (They studied his poop - thank gawd I'm a Theatre Major) I'm adding low fat yogurt to my lunch this week. Proof that natural food is amazing, powerful stuff. We have what we need to succeed.

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