Tiny sunbeam

Yesterday I was spot on. I was lovely. Resilient. I ate within my calorie limit - even while I enjoyed one of Seattle's little treasures, a mini donut from the Pike Place Market. (I had to chew on a lot of gum to not eat more) then I burned 425 calories on the elliptical, did my arm work and some squats, and am a little sore in the arms today. This morning the scale said 227.8 - which made me sigh with relief that Tuesday was temporary bloating or something. I saw a teeny little ray of light yesterday - and it was coming from me! I was able to do what I need to do, and all it takes is focus and thought and determination. I gotta make that beam wider and wider!


sybil said...

What a great moment - thanks for sharing it with us.

It also brings back memories for me....isn't that where there is a fish market and they frequently throw fish back and forth at each other? And the original Starbucks is close by? A lovely place!

Heather said...

so glad that you had a wonderful day! hold on to this and remember it when things get rough and you might feel like a failure. you can and will succeed!

Mama Bear June said...

Nice! Glad you came right back down. It's always better to keep your eye on the long term trend of your weight changes.
Path to Health

Cammy said...

Way to go!

I read a great quote just this morning that fits in nicely here: "Roads with the most traffic get widened. The ones rarely used fall into disrepair."

Kudos to you for widening the right road!