Frisco Fun!

I had another great day yesterday. Went outside of my calorie limits, (pot luck at work) but I was really careful with portions, pushed myself at Pilates, and then walked the dog. Good job!

A fantastic weekend looms ahead of me - another work trip, and this time I'm heading to San Francisco! And basically I am like can'twaitcantwaitcantwaitOMGcantwait. I am soooo excited about this trip because I haven't been there in years. Sadly, Mr. Black can't join me, but my brother is coming up to meet me. Two crazy siblings painting the town red! Or, maybe recession orange. I'm so looking forward to a some little brother time. Time to laugh until we pee. Awesome. I'll help stimulate California's economy without trying to sniff out and glare at all the Proposition 8 supporters and the court justices who made an error this week. Ahem. Moving on, I also want to take a moment to pause at the bay, that's where our father's ashes are, so we can say a little prayer in the sunshine.

Here's the pitfall - our visit will involve eating and drinking. What do I want more? An indulgent weekend? Or, a healthy weigh in? Well of COURSE the obvious answer is that I want BOTH. But my body absorbs rich food like a sponge. All I can do is ask myself these questions with every bite and sip. Thankfully, I'll be on the same time zone, so getting up to work out before work won't feel like I've got lead weights attached to my eyeballs. I'll meet you back here on Tuesday with a full report, but no weigh in. Wish me luck! No, don't. I know what to do.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Fathers ashes are in the bay, sounds like an interesting funeral for him. I am sure he is in a better place now. Don't know much about Cally, I hope you have fun. I wish we could all have both, an indulgence and a good weigh in but it doesn't work like that. Have fun.

Hanlie said...

Have fun! I've always wanted to visit San Francisco!

Heather said...

I am so jealous! I love San Francisco! enjoy yourself!

jh said...

San Fran has the best of both words--thai! Glorious, good for you, amazingingly rich thai food. Indulge in a lot of that, much seafood and you will be great! Have fun!

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