HYC Check In

Oh no - a few spins around the sugar bowl and I'm up a neat and tidy pound today. Drat! My exercise was spotty this week, too, due to evening conflicts. How come when I eat candy and red meat and tell my body - now don't punish me for this, we're just enjoying a treat - it doesn't listen? Bah! Lesson learned, I have to stay away from the sugar! And get myself to the gymnasium, yes? Yes. I fought the dandelion war in our yard this weekend and my body was sore for two days. I now know why gardening counts as exercise, but does not allow one to eat chocolate or black licorice. Alright, moving on. I hope everyone else had a more successful week!


Hanlie said...

Ah, reality strikes again! Hope you have a better week next week!

Heather said...

it happens so just chalk it up to one of THOSE weeks and just make your next week the best that you can.

Selma said...

60 pounds so far!! That's amazing. You must be doing something right even if you had an off week.

Mama Bear June said...

Urgh, I really should attack the dandelions in my yard. They are taking over everything! And I can gain one pound in a few minutes when I get drinking my water. ;-)

In the last 90 days when I've lost 20 pounds, I've been eating Dove dark chocolate every day. I usually have 2 of the squares, bite one in half and suck on it until it melts, then the other half. 2 squares totally satisfy my chocolate cravings. :-D
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